Egypt cuts off funding to remaining Jews

 Magda Haroun.. unclear why she is not continuing Weinstein’s role

The ever-vigilant Elder of Ziyon quotes  a report in the Egyptian press that the Egyptian government has stopped paying a grant to Egypt’s Jewish community following the death in March of its president Carmen Weinstein. This is a slap in the face for her successor Magda Haroun, who has not ceased to profess her loyalty to Egypt. In September, the Egyptian government cut off funding earmarkedfor restoration of Alexandria’s synagogues. It sounds like Egypt wants nothing more to do with Jews, whether living or dead.

“An official in Egypt’s Ministry of Social Affairshas stated
that the small annual stipend that Egypt had been spending on the tiny
Jewish community has been eliminated in the newest budget.

“Suad Makki, head of the Central Department for Financial and
Administrative Affairs, told a meeting of the Commission on Human Rights
of the Shura Council that the Egyptian government had been paying some
$14,000 to the Jewish community almost every year since 1988. After the
death earlier this year of Carmen Weinstein, the head of the community,
Makki says that there is no longer a liaison.

“Egypt has an estimated 20 remaining Jews, all elderly women, according to the report.

“Weinstein was officially succeeded by Magda Haroun, and it is unclear
why she is not continuing Weinstein’s role, or if the cash-strapped
Egyptian government is using Weinstein’s death as an excuse.”

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