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Nazi telegram : Jews, not Zionists were Mufti’s enemy

 Lest there be any remaining doubt, this telegram has been recently unearthed in the Israeli archives. Sent by Heinrich Himmler to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in 1943, it conclusively vindicates the fact that the Arab struggle has historically been with the Jews, not Zionists. We know from other pronouncements that the Mufti’s declared enemy is Jews ‘wherever you find them’, including the Arab world. The Mufti was the chief source and instigator of the incitement leading to the Farhud in Iraq in 1941. (With thanks: Lily)

A telegram from Heinrich Himmler to the grand mufti of Jerusalem has been found in the archives of Israel’s National Library.

to have been sent in 1943, it contains a promise by Hitler’s deputy to
Haj Amin al-Husseini that the German Reich will stand behind the Arabs
of Palestine and support their struggle against “Jewish intruders.”

Published on the library website
on Wednesday, the telegraph notes that the struggle against world Jewry
has been a principle of the German National Socialists from the start,
and that the regime has always followed “with particular sympathy,” the
struggle of “freedom-loving Arabs,” especially those in Palestine
battling the Jews.

“The joint recognition of the enemy and the
struggle together against it are what build the solid basis between the
National Socialists of Greater Germany and freedom-loving Muslims of the
world,” Himmler wrote.

SS chief Heinrich Himmler in 1940, before construction of the death camps he oversaw (Public domain)

SS chief Heinrich Himmler in 1940 (Public domain)

The telegram concludes with the SS chief
sending the mufti his warm greetings on the “unhappy” anniversary of the
Balfour Declaration and best wishes for the continuation of the

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Spielberg to accelerate N Africa recordings

Stephen Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation has launched a campaign to record at least 50
testimonies from the North Africa and Middle East region, where the Nazi
regime had gained a foothold during World War II

Mother of executed journalist Daniel Pearl, Ruth Pearl witnessed the 1941 Farhud in Iraq

USC Shoah
Foundation collected the first four testimonies in May of 2014 and is
raising funds to begin phase two, in which it plans to record 20 more.

audiovisual testimonies, once collected, will be digitized, indexed and
made accessible to people around the world through the Institute’s
Visual History Archive.

The Testimonies from North Africa and the
Middle East collection includes the life stories of Jews who were living
in North Africa and the Middle East during World War II and witnessed
the destruction created there by Nazi occupiers or governments that were
Nazi sympathizers.

Though far from the Holocaust in Europe, North
Africa and the Middle East were an important part of Hitler’s Final
Solution. Hitler intended to exterminate all Jews, not just those in
Europe, and according to Holocaust scholar Sir Martin Gilbert, the
persecution of the Jews in French North Africa was an integral part of
the Holocaust in France. For example, Nazis occupied Tunisia from
November 1942 until May 1943, and Jews throughout this part of the world
were subjected to deportation, imprisonment in concentration camps, and
the destruction of their homes, as well as severe anti-Semitism and
anti-Jewish laws from their own governments.

In the first phase of
the project in spring 2014, program director Jacqueline Gmach
interviewed Armand Abecassis, Andre Nahum, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and
Albert Memmi, who are each highly respected scholars and/or authors
living in Paris. She was accompanied by interviewer Serge Moati, a
French artist, journalist, film director and writer, and videographer
Olivier Raffet. Ruth Pearl, mother of the late journalist Daniel Pearl,
also gave her testimony about growing up in Iraq during the Farhud of

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Da’esh slams Iran’s tolerance of Jews

A new propaganda video is proof that ISIS (Da’esh) is antisemitic to the core: for them, even the Ayatollahs of Iran are too tolerant towards their Jewish minority.  (ISIS is thoroughly hostile towards Shi’ism, which they consider to be a heresy.) Jason Ditz in Anti-War reports:

ISIS has released a new propaganda video, this one unusually in Farsi
language and directed specifically at Iran, threatening to destroy the
current government of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and declaring Khamenei a
“cursed person.”

The video singles out Iran for criticism because of its tolerance for its Jewish minority,
saying that they are trying to “deceive the Sunnis” by presenting
themselves as against the US and Israel while tolerating Iranian Jews
living safely under government protection and having temples in Iranian

Iran has had a Jewish minority living in  its territory for some
3,000 years, and with estimates of as many as 25,000 Jews living there,
is unique among Middle East nations in having such a community, with
other nations in the region not tolerating their Jewish minorities after
the establishment of Israel.

ISIS has been extremely hostile toward  Iran since their founding, as
a Sunni jihadist group that got its start attacking an Iranian-backed
Shi’ite government in Iraq, and while it’s not surprising to see ISIS
singling out Iran as an enemy, it is surprisingly to see the nature of
their narrative.

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Pakistani wins fight to register as a Jew

Back in 2014 Point of No Return began following Fishel Benkhald’s struggle to be Pakistan’s last self-identifying Jew : we are pleased to report that the authorities, reversing their 2015 decision,  have now finally agreed to have the word ‘Jew’ appear on his national identity card and passport. NDTV reports:

Fishel Benkhald: Muslim father, Jewish mother

Islamabad:  Pakistan
has allowed a 29-year-old Jewish activist to change his religion from
Islam to Judaism, an unusual move by authorities in the country. In
normal circumstances, it would have been a normal practice to let Fishel
Benkhald get religion of his choice in the column of religion for the
forms filled to get national identity card and passport.

it was a task for Benkhald as he was registered as a Muslim, and it
could be interpreted as apostasy. The ministry of interior in Pakistan
has recently given the green light in response to Benkhald’s
application where he had sought ‘conversion/correction’ of his religion
from Islam to Judaism in his national identity documents, the Express

In the National Database and Registration
Authority (NADRA), Benkhald is registered as a Muslim. Faisal, as he is
known in his current identity documents, was born to a Muslim father and
a Jewish mother in Karachi in 1987. He was registered as a Muslim due
to his father’s religion.

However, he made an appeal to the NADRA
to allow him to return to the religion of his choice, Judaism, by
correcting it in a smart ID card he had applied for last year.

which was in a fix over the issue, had asked for the interior
ministry’s opinion to correct the religion of a former Muslim, a
ministry source was quoted as saying by the daily.

In its
response, the ministry said in writing that “the applicant may be
allowed to practice religion of (his) choosing and preference”.

usually turns down such requests, especially from Muslims to any other
faith, due to the sensitive religious atmosphere in the country.
Although the interior ministry has given the green signal, NADRA has yet
to issue a smart card after correcting Benkhald’s religion.

document available with daily suggests that correspondence between the
ministry of interior and NADRA over the issue had taken place in
February-March 2017.

Benkhald thanked the authorities, especially
the interior ministry and NADRA, for granting him the right to profess
religion of his choice, the report said.

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Bensoussan vindicated in ‘mother’s milk’ remark

On 3 March  2017, Syrian-Jordanian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Sa’id
Hawa delivered a Friday sermon proudly proclaiming that Palestinian
children were nurtured, along with their mother’s breast milk, with the
(antisemitic) notion that Palestine was pure Muslim and Arab land, plundered
by the Jews. The significance of this sermon is that the prominent French historian Georges Bensoussan was prosecuted for saying as much. But the Sheikh finds the Palestinian notion perfectly acceptable, while a westerner quoting such pronouncements is guilty of racism and incitement to hatred.Via MEMRI: (with thanks: Lily)

“What racist hate speech are they talking about?” he (the Sheikh) asked.
The sermon was delivered at ‘Aisha Mosque, Amman, Jordan, and broadcast
by the Jordanian Yarmouk TV channel.

Muhammad Sa’id Hawa: “Who are the ones who use racist hate
speech? The leaders of the Zionists and the West claim that the
Palestinians are nurturing their children, from a very young age, on
racist and hostile hate speech, and that the Palestinians must stop
nurturing their children on this hostile discourse.

“They are lying! Who are the ones who use racist hate speech?

“Indeed, the Palestinians nurture their children from a very young
age, and even feed them – along with their mother’s breast milk – on the
notion that this land [Palestine] is a pure Muslim and Arab land, that
this land was plundered by the Jews, that the only ones with rights to
this land are those who fear Allah and worship Him, that the only ones
with rights to this land are Muslims, or Arabs who are loyal to Muslims
and support them. Yes, this is what we nurture our children on, and we
will continue to do so.

“What racist hate speech are they talking about? The [Jews] are the
ones who came as foreign aggressors from all over the world. They came
as aggressors and plundered this sacred land, violating its sanctities
and driving out its inhabitants.

“So who is using racist hate speech? Thus, we should not talk about employing discourse of tolerance and forgiveness.”

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