Alon Mizrahi, latest anti-Zionist kid on the block

Meet Alon Mizrahi, the latest kid on the Mizrahi anti-Zionist block, joining the ranks of such luminaries as Avi Shlaim, Hadar Cohen, Ella Shohat, Rachel Shabi, Sigal Samuel and Massoud Hayoun. Alon Mizrahi came to the attention of Owen Jones, the  Guardian columnist, after writing an article called ‘ Maybe it’s time we started talking about how terrible Zionism is for Jews, too.’

Alon Mizrahi

This message was music to the ears of Owen Jones, who sat through the ’43-minute horror movie’ constructed from Hamas videocams of 7 October – only to cast doubt on the extent of the atrocities.

Jones gave Alon Mizrahi, the son of an Arab father and a Moroccan-Jewish mother living in Haifa a platform on his Youtube channel. The video has drawn about 80,000 views.

Mizrahi admits to being a rebel, swivelling from a right-winger who served in the IDF  (and was so oppressed by Israeli society that he was able to acquire a university education) to the most radical politics he could find after his brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. The circumstances of  his brother’s death are not clear.  Clearly he bears a grudge for the Israeli state after this shattering experience.

There is nothing original in what Mizrahi says. He spouts the standard far-leftist narrative that Mizrahim are victims of Ashkenazi ‘white supremacy’ and that no attention had been given to his Moroccan mother’s  ‘immigration trauma’.

Did he mean her trauma immigrating from Morocco? Of course not. Some ‘300,000 Jews lived in peace in Morocco’, he says, painting an idealised picture of Diaspora life outside the Israeli ‘ghetto’.

His world view is built on a series of lies and false premises: he has the standard nostalgia for Muslim-Jewish coexistence in Arab countries where no antisemitism or a form of institutionalised apartheid called dhimmitude existed.  He thinks most Mizrahi Jews went to the US not Israel (only 250,000 of 850,000 moved to the West); the Holocaust ‘did not affect Morocco’ and was a neurosis that Mizrahi Jews only acquired when they arrived in Israel. (The Vichy regime sent Jews to 30 forced labour camps in Morocco, and Moroccan Jews were banned from public spaces and shunted back into the Jewish quarters of Moroccan cities). Mizrahi repeats Hamas propaganda that tens of thousands of Palestinian children were killed by the IDF.

However, he is right to point out that the Mizrahim have been erased from Israel’s history – but not in the way he thinks.

Obviously bored, Jones shifts restlessly in his seat while listening to an hour of  Mizrahi’s psycho-babble.

It is a pity that  thousands of ignorant young people will be misled by Mizrahi’s ramblings.

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