Transjordan urged Jews to buy land in spite of Mufti’s ban

A ban on Arabs selling land to Jews in Palestine, initiated in the 1930s by the Mufti of Jerusalem and eventually endorsed by the British, has long distorted the property market. But  the Mufti’s own family is known to have broken his ban and his antisemitic policy flew in the face of economic prosperity in the area. Elder of Ziyon has  unearthed some fascinating press cuttings:

In the early 1930s, the antisemitic Mufti of Jerusalem convened a series of meetings where Arab sheikhs pledged not to sell their land to Jews – a policy that continues today with the Palestinian Authority.But as this was happening, landowners in Transjordan compared their poverty with the prosperity in neighboring Palestine, and concluded that Jewish investments was what Transjordan needed.

The Mufti of Jerusalem’s ban on selling property to jews continues to this day
JTA reported on January 18, 1933:
The Hebrew paper “Davar” discloses today that Transjordanian tribe heads have for some time been approaching the Jewish Agency with offers for the sale of land. The miserable situation of Transjordania as compared with the prosperity in Palestine convinces them that the salvation of Transjordania can come only through the Jews, the tribe leaders are reported to have said. These same leaders have urged Emir Abdullah to encourage the Jews to settle in Transjordan, the paper writes.


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  • Yeah, TransJordan encouraged Jewish investment so they could steal the property in ’48, while ethnically cleansing all Jews.


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