New book will track Lebanese-Jewish life before and after displacement

After 28 years of research,  Lebanese Christian Nagi Gergi Zeidan has become the guardian of Jewish memory in Lebanon. He acquired a detailed knowledge of the geneaology and history of the community, leading  up to the publication of his first book, Juifs du Liban. Now Nagi is planning to publish a second book charting the events between 1932 and 1987, culminating in the kidnapping and murder of Jews. Some bodies were never found.

The shrine of  the Biblical character Bezalel at Arab Salim in Lebanon was replaced by a mosque. Researcher Nagi Zeidan is one of the few to know where Bezalel is buried

For his first book, which was aimed at the Jewish community of Lebanon, the oldest religious denomination in this country, the author Nagi Gergi Zeïdan  did 28 years of research,  collecting as much information as possible on this community. This book was also a genealogical and historical survey of the ancestors of certain families who lived in Lebanon.

In this second book, the author wanted to develop the story of these last Jews of Lebanon in greater detail, their life before their final departure for  their countries, their displacement and need to reinvent themselves elsewhere.

It depicts Lebanese society, its economy, and in particular all the anti-Semitic events that occurred in the years 1932-1948-1985-1987, the kidnappings and murders of several Jews whose bodies were never found.

These people were kidnapped at the time when the French hostages MM. Michel Seurat, Jean-Paul Kaufmann, Roger Auque*, and others were themselves kidnapped by Muslim jihadist factions. They found themselves taken hostage together and held in  the same location in Beirut.

Albert, son of Abdallah Elia, July 6, 1971
Raoul, son of Sobhi Mizrahi, on July 2, 1984. His body was found
Selim, son of Mourad Jamouss, August 5, 1984

Nine  Jews were kidnapped in the space of a few months between 1985 and 1986:

1) Haim Halaleh-Cohen, on March 29, 1985. His body was found
2) Dr. Elie, son of Aslan Hallac, March 30, 1985
3)Elie, son of Youssef Srour, March 30, 1985
4) Ishac, son of Selim son of Meîr Sasson, March 31, 1985
5) Ishac, son of Abraham Tarrab, June 18, 1985
6) Youssef, son of Yehouda Bénisté, July 18, 1985
7) Yehuda, son of Selim Bénisté, February 15, 1986
8) Abraham, son of Yehouda Beniste, February 15, 1986
9) Henri, son of Elie Mann, February 15, 1986.

The book is expected to be published in the next two months.

More about Nagi Zeidan

*All these hostages were released






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