Provocative Hetzroni gets one in the eye for his bigotry

Remember Amir Hetzroni? He is the maverick academic and provocateur who created a national scandal on TV in 2015 when he said his interlocutor of Moroccan-Jewish origin should never have been allowed into Israel. We thought Hetzroni was heading out for a new start in Turkey, but that does not seem to have worked out. Back in Israel, he has not changed his views one iota. For these he was hit in the face during a live broadcast. Report in the Times of Israel: 

Amir Hetzroni at a Mimouna in 2015. . Moroccan hospitality does not seem to have changed his views one iota.

Academic, novelist and provocateur Amir Hetsroni was wounded on Monday when someone threw a chair at him during a live broadcast.

Hetsroni, best known for making offensive comments about practically every sector of Israeli society, was recording a segment in Ashdod for “Online TV,” which streams its content on YouTube and social media.

In video from multiple angles that circulated widely on social media, Hetsroni was hit in the face by a chair thrown at him during the conversation. He began bleeding and appeared to be dizzy and disoriented, clinging to the man seated next to him. Hetsroni later received medical treatment and filed a police complaint about the incident.

On Tuesday, police said they had detained a 16-year-old boy for questioning in connection with the incident.

Hetsroni has a long and colorful history of making wildly racist, sexist and otherwise offensive comments. He regularly rails against the presence of Mizrahi Jews — those from Middle Eastern nations — in Israel, stating that he does not believe they should have been allowed to immigrate.

“I was just attacked during filming in Ashdod by the second generation of cavemen that came [to Israel] without selection due to having a Jewish grandfather,” Hetsroni tweeted after the incident on Monday. “Think about this next time you believe ‘selection’ is a bad word.”

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