Jewish man pushed to his death by Muslim neighbour

An organ of the French-Jewish press,   Tribune Juive,  is  treating with scepticism reports that the defenestration of a 90-year old Jewish man in Lyon was not antisemitic. The man, René Hadjaj, was pushed from the 17th floor of a building by a Muslim neighbour. Hadjaj, who is likely to have been born in North Africa,  lived on the second floor. The incident, attributed to a dispute between neighbours,  has disturbing echoes of the Sarah Halimi case and comes a short time after the mysterious death of Jeremy Cohen, who ran into the path of a tram in order to escape a group of assailants. The representative body for French Jewry, CRIF, has not inspired confidence by announcing that people should not jump to conclusions. The Jerusalem Post has the story: 

A dispute between neighbors in France ended with the death of a 90-year-old Jewish man, according to police, who do not suspect an antisemitic motive.

Police arrested a 51-year-old neighbor of the deceased, René Hadjaj, sometime after Hadjaj’s death on Tuesday evening outside his home in Lyon in eastern France, the Tribune Juive Jewish newspaper reported on Friday.  The suspect had pushed Hadjaj to his death from an elevated story of their residential building, prosecutors told Le Progrès, a local newspaper.

 Le Progrès reported that police had initially investigated a possible antisemitic motive but have now excluded it.

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