Zemmour makes Jew’s death a French national ssue

Algerian-Jewish Eric Zemmour ‘s revisionist whitewashing of France’s role in the Holocaust sowed doubts in some French Jews’ minds about voting for him, a far-right candidate in the French elections. It could have been a ploy to attract French Catholic voters.  Now that he is trailing in the polls, is  Zemmour  nailing his colours to the Jewish mast? Times of Israel (via JTA) reports:

Campaign posters in France of Eric Zemmour and Marie Le Pen, the far right candidates (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images via JTA)

PARIS, France (JTA) — It’s been six months since Éric Zemmour quit his job as a journalist to run as a far-right candidate in France’s presidential elections. But this week Zemmour, who is Jewish, landed likely the biggest scoop of his career.

On Tuesday, just days before Sunday’s first round in the presidential race, the right-wing Zemmour broke on social and mainstream media the story of Jérémie Cohen, a 31-year-old disabled Jewish man whose death in February police now suspect may have been the indirect result of violence, which some believe was antisemitic.

Zemmour, a 63-year-old former television pundit whose chances of becoming president are slim, has helped focus national attention on the incident in the midst of a campaign in which antisemitic violence, the rule of law and politicized Islam are central themes.

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Did Jérémy Cohen die because of an antisemitic attack – or a traffic accident?

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