Attackers of Jeremy Cohen indicted by French authorities

Two men who attacked Jeremy Cohen in the heavily Muslim Paris suburb of Bobigny in February, causing his death after he ran  into the path of a tram, have been charged, although the indictment does not mention an antisemitic motive. For many French Jews, the case echoes that of Sarah Halimi, whose murder by an Islamist was covered up by the French authorities. JTA reports (via Times of Israel):

Jérémie Cohen, center, stands betwen his parents in Paris, France in 2017. (Courtesy of Gerald Cohen)
Jeremy Cohen with his parents. The young man, who was mentally handicapped, was run over by a tram after he was assaulted

JTA — French prosecutors indicted two men for assaulting a Jewish man, Jérémie Cohen, seconds before he ran under the wheels of a tram and was fatally wounded.

One of the two suspects, aged 27, is accused of “intentional violence in public.” The other one, aged 23, is being charged with “intentional violence which led to involuntary manslaughter,” according to a statement Friday by the prosecutor’s office of Bobigny, the Paris suburb where the incident occurred on February 16.

The indictment does not mention any antisemitic motive, according to the CNews television channel. The family of Cohen, 31, has said it does not know whether he had been targeted because he was Jewish. Cohen’s father, Gerald, has said that his son often would wear a kippah on the street though the family does not know whether he was wearing one when he was assaulted.

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