Jews are an ethnoreligious tribe, connected genetically

The TV comedienne Whoopi Goldberg demonstrated recently how far ‘critical race theory” has penetrated US thinking when she declared the Holocaust was ‘white-on-white’ crime. But race has nothing to do with skin colour, and  Jews from East and West share a common ethnic origin in Israel, argues Laureen Lipsky in Israel Hayom: 

Whoopi Goldberg's second 'sorry' over Holocaust remarks - BBC News
Whoopi Goldberg was briefly suspended for her ‘Holocaust’ remarks

A 360-degree loop of lies sustains the most common antisemitic falsehoods, which has reached a crescendo these days – that Jews are White and Judaism is just a religion, and that modern-day Jews have no long-term historical connection to Israel, that the land was ‘stolen’ from Arabs.

Skin color is not race, and the concept of race was actually based on skull shape. This outdated categorization is based on skull composure, divided into Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasoid. With the advent of genetic technology, race is now based on haplogroups and genes. Science has confirmed what Jews have known for thousands of years, that we are an ethnoreligious tribe, connected genetically.

Lighter-skinned Ashkenazi Jews have more in common with darker-skinned Mizrahi Jews than they do with any European. No racially White people, historically, both in Europe and in America, ever considered us part of their race, and they are correct.

The issue in America in terms of Jews’ mistaken identity is that many here are Ashkenazi, whose families spent a portion of the Diaspora experience in European countries. In Israel, the majority of Jews are Mizrahi, who lived in, but are not from Arab majority nations. All genetic Jews are from Israel, and even more specifically, Jews today have been traced back to Judea, the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi specifically.

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