Iranian preacher promotes bizarre conspiracy theory

Jews are lowly dhimmis yet betray their Iranian protectors by showing their loyalty to Israel – a curious mix of wretchedness and malign power. MEMRI has picked up the latest conspiracy theory trafficked by Iranian preacher Ali-Saleh Mousavi-Azam. (With thanks: Lily)

Iranian preacher Ali-Saleh Mousavi-Azam said in a Friday, February 4, 2022 sermon in the city of Yasuj, Iran that aired on Dena TV (Iran) that the Jews that live as dhimmis in Shiraz live in safety, yet still conspire and show animosity.

He said that his intention is to “awaken” his audience’s “sense of religious zeal” regarding the “atrocities” of the Jews and the Zionists.

In addition, Mousavi-Azam said that he heard from his mentor that some Jews in Iran would use kerosene lamps instead of electricity so that they could send the money they saved to Israel.

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