Sarah Halimi’s killer could walk free

The killer of Sarah Halimi, the French woman murdered in 2017, has been let out on day release several times in recent months and could soon be freed for good, the Jewish Chronicle reports. The revelation comes as a parliamentary report into the case, absolving the authorities of any wrongdoing, enrages French Jewish leaders:

Demonstrators in Paris demand justice for Sarah Halimi (Photo: AP/Daniel Cole)

Kobili Traore repeatedly bludgeoned the Jewish pensioner in her Paris flat before throwing her from the balcony in the brutal 2017 murder.

A French court deemed him to have been suffering from a drug-induced psychosis at the time of the attack and unfit to stand trial.

The unprecedented decision sparked outrage and protests by Jewish communities in France and around the world demanding justice for 65-year-old Mrs Halimi.

Traore has since been kept in a psychiatric hospital for treatment. However, the JC can now confirm that he has been let out on day release a number of times.

On more than one occasion he has visited his old apartment block in Paris — the site of the murder of his neighbour, Mrs Halimi.

In another extraordinary twist, it has also emerged that he is taking no psychiatric medication, only underlying the absurdity of the decision to spare him trial.

Mrs Halimi’s grief-stricken family now face the possibility of Traore walking the streets of Paris as a free man, should two independent psychiatrists decide he is sane and no longer presents a threat to society or himself.

The shocking revelations came from three French MPs heading up an investigation into the alleged mishandling of the case by the police and judicial system.

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