Morocco to fund restoration of hundreds of Jewish sites

Morocco's King Mohammed vows to push for Israeli-Palestinian talks
King Mohamed VI

The press may think it is a new development, but the decision to restore hundreds of Jewish sites, as flagged up by Israel Hayom,  has been ongoing since at least 2013. What’s not to like in this initiative, which cements the Jewish component in Moroccan heritage? But restoration cannot conceal the reality, which is that the synagogues will be empty buildings without Jews.

According to Arab media reports, the move is part of the rapprochement between Rabat and Jerusalem, which resumed their diplomatic relations earlier this year as part of the Abraham Accords.

The plan is expected to see the renovation of hundreds of synagogues, cemeteries, and Jewish heritage sites in several cities in Morocco, among them the Jewish cemetery in the city of Fes, which includes 13,000 graves.

The monarch has also reportedly decided to reinstate the original names of some of the country’s Jewish neighborhoods.

Several Jewish museums have already been opened in Morocco, alongside other initiatives seeking to cater to the growing interest in preserving Moroccan Jewish heritage.

Israel welcomed King Mohammed’s initiative, which comes as the two countries mark the first anniversary of their newfound alliance.

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Why is the Moroccan King funding Jewish sites?

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