Iran threatens to take its Jews hostage

Against the backdrop of rising Iran-Israel tensions and accusations by the Iranian regime that Israel has a military presence aimed at Iran in Iranian Azerbaijan, MEMRI reports that the “Iranian Regime Countdown” group, which is opposed to the regime, claimed that a senior official had  stated, in an October 11, 2021 post on its Telegram channel,  that Iran’s Jews are risk. If true, this is the first time that the regime has treated its Jews as hostages to its conflict with Israel (with thanks: Lily):

Vice-president Mohsen Rezaee: threats

In an unprecedented speech, Mohsen Rezaee, [President] Ebrahim Raisi’s deputy for economic affairs, took Iran’s Jews hostage, warning that they would be punished by the [Iranian] regime if Israel makes a mistake!

“Rezaee told members and directors of [the ideological organization] Tharollah Tehran: ‘The Israeli government knows very well that if it makes a mistake, the regime will treat the 10,000 Jews living in Iran differently.’

“Elements in the Islamic Republic [of Iran] have in the past threatened Israeli citizens and cities such as Tel Aviv and Haifa, in order to confront the Israeli threat, but this is the first time that a senior [Iranian] regime official is threatening the Jews, who have been living in Iran for thousands of years.”

“In previous statements, Rezaee threatened to capture 1,000 Americans as hostages in the event of a U.S. attack on Iran and to demand a $1 billion ransom from the U.S. for each of them.”

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