Egyptian professor is accused of re-writing history

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The author of two books on the Jews of Egypt has been accused of re-writing history.

Dr Mohamed Aboulghar; Levana Zamir

Dr Mohamed Aboulghar is  a busy man –  an obstetrician and professor of gynaecology; a pioneer in infertility; one of the founders of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party.

He is also the author of two books on the Jews of Egypt: the second, titled Jews of Egypt: departure and dispersion has just been published and is apparently selling like hotcakes.

It is  his latter interest which is proving somewhat controversial. At a Zoom meeting organised by the Goutte de Lait association in Egypt on  the subject of the great rabbi and philosopher Maimonides,  Dr Aboulghar was challenged by Levana Zamir, President of the International Association of Egyptian Jews in Israel.

While praising Egyptian Jews for their contribution to society and the economy,  Dr Aboulghar blames them for causing their own exodus, or downplays  or denies any discrimination they might have suffered.

An 1922 law decreed that anyone born in Egypt was eligible for Egyptian nationality, he claims. The Jews rejected this option, ‘preferring’ foreign passports.

Mrs Zamir responds that it was not enough for a Jew to be born in Egypt – even if he had roots going back several generations. If Jews ‘preferred’ foreign passports,  that is because, as stated by Shimon Shamir in his book, after 1922  Egypt’s nationality laws excluded anyone who was not Arab.

She disputed  Dr Aboulghar’s  claim that Jews sold their property or transferred their assets before leaving the country. There was no evidence that property confiscated from Jews in 1948 ‘was restituted to them’.   Historians estimate that some 25,000 Jews left Egypt as a direct  or indirect result of the 1956 Suez crisis – yet Dr Aboulghar alleged that ‘very few’ were expelled at the start of the crisis and the remainder left of their own free will.

However, Dr Aboulghar did recognise that Jews of Egyptian nationality were forced to give it up, and that they had no right of return.

The Jews who went to Israel were another bone of contention. Dr Aboulghar claimed only the poor and under-educated made aliya. Ms Zamir said that 50,000 – half the community – went to Israel. Only 5.4 percent were poor in 1947, as stated by the historian Gudrun Krämer. All the rest,  educated enough to speak four languages and dispersed all over the world,  were poor in the sense of being ‘dispossessed’.

“To deny the tragedy of one million Jews from Arab countries is like Holocaust denial, although the latter is of a different order,” says Levana Zamir. ” We said nothing after Dr Aboulghar published his first book. But if we Jews of Egypt don’t speak up against lies, who will?”

The Goutte de Lait association said it would hold a future Zoom meeting to discuss the issue.

The Jews of Egypt, through the eyes of an Egyptian




  • The Egyptian are taught at school those lies. So it is not suprising to see an idiot wanting to make money over à book to reassure the people of egypt that their ancestor were not that evil. My family oned a jewelry place, à farm Land with 25 house for the workers, à big house in HELIOPOLIS and à summer house in Ras El Bar. My family were gynécologie, eye expert etc. They were very rich. My family name is in two book on jewish of Egypt. All their property was taken. They left with nothing.

  • We were given two days to leave. We had to buy our own ticket left our car at the airport

  • After my original shock reading some of the lies written by the Egyptian Muslim gynaecologist/obstetrician I calmed down and am greatly puzzled.

    I cannot figure out why this Egyptian doctor is still, after 3/4 +/- of a century, so obsessed with the 80,000 Jews who were totally dispossessed, expelled and/or voluntarily left Egypt in a big hurry?

    Was he even born?

    Where did he find the anti Semitic fake information he so happily writes about?

    He couldn’t have interviewed any “Egyptian “ Jews… there are only about half a dozen aged ones left in Egypt.

    It also hit me:

    In spite of all the tragedies that initially occurred, looking at the million Jewish refugees from Arab lands with a different and totally unemotional and different perspective, this eventually resulted as great blessing in every way.

    The ones who settled in Israel turned the country into one of the most powerfully armed in the world.

    Their fluently Arabic speaking fearless descendants went on with what their parents had started and became extremely efficient musta’aravim – embedded Mossad chameleons/spies in every single Muslim country.

    The ones who settled elsewhere in democratic countries, made the most of the educational etc…opportunities that were lacking in these Muslim countries, and they all excelled in their chosen professions.

    I am also forever grateful that my parents, and my paternal grandparents are buried in England, in the Sephardic cemetery of Hoop Lane in London.

    As for the Muslim Arab countries involved, they are now overpopulated, filthy economic disasters from which they will never recover.

  • It infuriates me a lot because of the lies . I remember when I left school i was some brats caught me and asked me if I was Jewish or Muslim.since I was taught to lie i said I was Jewish and in response i was severely beaten and fortunately a friend of the family passed by at that moment who knew me and rescued me from the gangs and brought me home. It happened in 1949 that year my father almost did lynch when he was on his way home and luckily he was accompanied by his worker and approached them not to get involved because my dad had a greek passport and it saved him.that year we left Egypt for Italy with three labs.the shop matched and the property we shared with neighbors

  • I thought I had put all this behind me, but then I find that even now, anti Semitic filth is spouted by a so-called Egyptian Arab academic, and the exodus from Egypt by my family all returns with a vengeance.

    I still have nightmares of our last months in Egypt.

    I still have nightmares of the screaming mukhabarrat banging on our door at unearthly hours to search our home after 1948.

    I still have nightmares of cousins of my mum and dad being arrested.

    I still have nightmares of my dad dying in London suffering excruciating pain from cancer of the oesophagus brought on by al, the stress endured in Egypt. He was 52 years old. My Nonna lost her beloved eldest son, my mum lost her husband who was the love of her life, she was 47 years old, and I lost my irreplaceable, brilliant minded, amazing best friend…my dad!

    All I can say is Baroukh Hashem …El hamdu lillah a million times that my whole family was British by birth and by descent…at least we had a country to go to .

    This Arab academic should be sued for libel and for his filthy anti Semitic lies, and should be taken to the cleaners.

    Ymah Shemo v’zikro to this Arab academic!

  • Dr. Mohamed Aboulghar, as a professional you should have done your research. But you did not! In the year 650 BCE the Pharaoh of Egypt, Psammetichus l, asked army support from the governor of Jerusalem in his campaign against Nubia. The Jewish governor sent 4000 Jewish soldiers to Egypt. These soldiers remained there and established families. There were Jews in Egypt for over 3000 years. Why did 80,000 Jews leave Egypt between 1948 and 1970? Why did they leave all their wealth and properties? Many prosperous Jews were involved in Banking, commerce and manufacturing which represented 70% of the entire nation’s industrial output. Until today many Jewish owned department stores, such as Cicurel, Chemla, Orosdibac, Benzion, and Gattgno still exist but these were stolen from their Jewish owners. The Coca Cola Bottling Company owned by the Bijio family and Peerless underwear manufacturer owned by the Farhi family were sequestrated by the Egyptian government. These are only two examples of the many Jewish businesses that were stolen by the Egyptian government. Two Jewish hospitals, several hotels, manufacturers of sugar and cotton were all taken over by the government in 1956. In 1956 20,000 Jewish leaders of the Jewish community were arrested, assembled in the Sybill school in Daher. They were transferred to Abu Zaabal, a prison where many were beaten, starved and accused of being Zionist SAHYONI! Many Jewish businesses were burned and destroyed. The government did nothing to stop this savagery. Nasser made a declaration that all Jews in Egypt were to be considered Zionist SAHYONI which means enemy of the country! Bombs exploded in the old Jewish quarters killing many Jews. Many Jews received expulsion orders to leave the country within 24 hours with only $20 for an entire family and were searched and humiliated at all ports of departure to make sure they took nothing with them but a measly $20. The Egyptian government and the Egyptian people denied 3000 years of love, service and dedication that the Jewish people gave to Egypt. I am one of those Jews who was expulsed in 24 hours at the age of 15, forced to desist my Egyptian nationality, falsely accused of being a spy for Israel, put on a plane by the nyaba with $5. They gave me a document on which they stamped “Dangerous for the Public Security” and told me that I could never return. I was not allowed to see my family.
    Your statement that “the Jews caused their own exodus is incorrect to say the least. The Jews of Egypt brought wealth, beauty and great knowledge to Egypt. When we were expulsed Egypt lost their smartest and their brightest assets. The world benefitted from Egypt’s loss. Dr. Aboulghar does not know what he is talking and writing about.

    • Mohammed Aboulghar knows exactly what he is talking about, because he is a filthy anti Semitic Arab, and this is the sort of lying propaganda anti Semites enjoy spreading.

      He obviously was not at my second cousins’s wedding at the Nebi Daniel synagogue.

      She and her groom were taken in handcuffs from the “criminal Zionist” prison camp Moascar, near Aboukir.

      The rabbi refused to officiate until the manacles were removed. A huge argument ensued with the Arab guards.

      The handcuffs were finally removed during the wedding ceremony but put on again; and Myra and Benny were taken to the ship. My mum who was editor of Agence France Presse in Alexandria had been able to obtain a landing permit for France from Mr. Filiol the French consul whom she knew very well. He went to the consulate on Sunday to do this.

      Myra and Benny went from France to Israel…. They were far from poverty stricken. Myra’s dad who had been the agent for Rishon le Tzion in Alexandria had bought a great nany dunams of orange groves in Eretz Israel.

      When Myra’s parents were freed from the Moascar “Zionist” internment camp, they went first to Fance on their way to Israel. My gt uncle Josh didn’t stop in France.

      My Gt Aunt Rose went to Paris to visit her sister. On the way, because of all the stress she had endured in Egypt, she had a heart attack in the metro, and Myra died without ever being able to find out where her mother was buried.

      BTW each member of the family was allowed one blanket, one suitcase and the equivalent of $2.00 (two dollars) minus tax… I still have my British passport giving the amount.

      I have a better much more appropriate name in Arabic for Mohammed Aboulghar… but will refrain from using it here…

    • 100% true, I lived almost the same tragedy, I was 14 years old when we were forced to leave.

  • In a regular day in December 1956. a knok on our house door in Heliopolis disturb the quietness. Two military officer & two policeman asked my father to follow them . during 3 weeks we did not heard from my father and did not knew where he is detained. My mother efforts find finaly my father detained in a military camp near Cairo . we were advised that he will be released only for traveling abroad. Few weeks later we joined my father on a ship sailing to Italy. leaving Egypt for no return.. We left Egypt leaving behind us all our properties, with one suitcase each person. On the ship were also about 200 members of the jewish comunity sharing the same fate. My grandfather Who was proprietor of a chain of magasin. and a wealty business man. soufer the same fate was arested and expulsed from egypt later. without be able to take his properies or selling them before his departure. a month after my father was arrested, the two military officers came again claimimg my father car.

  • I studied at the Lycee Francais du Caire and graduated in Architecture from the Cairo University in 1955.
    About two years ago (much before Dr. Aboughar published his book) I wrote my youth memories for the young generation. I will quote some excerpts which contradict the Dr.Aboulghar claims.
    Egyptian Citizenship
    In February 1952, shortly after my 21st birthday a mate of mine at the faculty was surprised that I had a Lebanese passport and being born in Egypt I was not an Egyptian citizen. He told me that he knew the guy in charge of the matter at the Ministry. So we both went to see him and my friend requested the Egyptian nationality for me. The clerk politely explained that it was too late, I made the application few days after becoming 21 years old. The application should have been made before I became 21 years old!!
    Looking for a job
    After graduating, a faculty mate who was working in the newly opened Ministry of Housing told me that they were recruiting architects. We went together to the recruiting clerk and filled a form. The next day we were again in front of the clerk who told us that I have not been accepted to the job. Why not we asked? As an answer he just showed us the form I filled the day before and without saying a word pointed with his finger to the line “religion”. My friend was furious! Having no job, I left to Paris on July 1956.
    My father’s dimissal
    My father was working since 1932 at the Shell co. At the outburst of the Suez war October 1956 he was told that he does not work there any more, and was dismissed without any compensation, nor monthly pension.
    Expulsed from their home
    On March 1957 our Father remained alone with my sister Elvira in our apartment in Cairo. The owner of our building was a widower, one of her daughters was married to an army officer. one day he came to their apartment. He was fully dressed with a stick under his arm and said to our Father “…you have one week to leave the apartment” and pointing with his stick and said :“all the furniture, the carpets, the porcelain etc… are mine! You can take your clothes and leave …!
    A week later our Father and Elvira with their suitcases left the apartment where they lived since 1941went to live in a pension waiting for an entry visa to France !

  • Dear friends and dear all. I am so moved by these comments from each one of you, but not really surprised. Because I know “my community”. This lovely community of Egyptian Jews dispersed now all over the world, but yet so much Egyptian. We were young then, but we remember. We remember the good days, the utopian co-existence described by Dr. Mohamed Aboulghar during that zoom-session, the sweet days when my best friends were of all religions, with no difference too if Ashkenazi, Sephardi, or Karaites. We had the same teachers, we went to the same schools, and we were all Egyptians. That is why it hearts so much, when an honorable Egyptian persona like you Dr. Aboulghar, who could have been at school with one of my brothers in Cairo and the best friend of one of them, denies the truth, denies the three waves of imprisonment and residence-forcee, persecutions, sequestration, expulsion and forced exodus through direct-intimidation of tens of thousands Egyptian Jews – until complete ethnic-cleansing of Jews from Egypt. As unbelievable as it could be, we still love Egypt, because “a la guerre comme a la guerre”. But when Peace-Time comes, it is our duty and your duty, to recognize and to remember the bad and the errors. I am sure you know the truth Dr. Aboulghar, but it seems Egypt is not yet ready to face it and to say it high and loud. Your great Raiss el-Sisi is showing the new way to the people of Egypt, but thirty years of “hatred” planted by Nasser in the hearts of a whole young generation, could not be erased in one day. I am sure times will come, when you Dr. Aboulghar and some of your colleagues – like Prof. Fahmi from the American University of Cairo, who said the same things on Egyptian TV some nine years ago – will find the courage to recognize and tell the truth. The simple truth emerging from the 20 comments spontaneously written here in Point of no return. Those short testimonies, together with some others sent to me by email, will form a small spontaneous booklet of historical truth, to be distributed in three languages. And yes Mr. Aboulghar, the 95% of Jews who made Aliah and came to Israel, were highly educated and not poor but dispossessed. Dispossessed from their assets and from their own identity. As my mother said to convince my father to make Aliah “I want to go to a place where everybody is Jew” she said, “so nobody will tell my children dirty-Jew anymore”. But we recovered, because education continued to be first priority among Egyptian Jews in Israel. One example among others – as I wrote to you on chat at that zoom-session – Dr. David Harari, the young man expelled with his family in 1956 made Aliya, and created the first “Drone” in the world for the Israeli Aircraft Industries. Yossef Bar-el was Director General of the whole Israeli media Radio and Television’s channels, the Alexandrian Maccabi basketball team, won in 1951 the National Basketball championship of Israel and represented Israel at the Helsinki Olympic games in 1952, Prof. Ezra Tal-Or established the first Faculty of Philosophy at Haifa University, Jacqueline Salem-Kahanof from Cairo in high Literature, Maurice Mizrahi from Alexandria won a Holywood-Oscar for his movie “La vie devant soi”. As renowned for their good manners and education, many Israeli Ambassadors from Egyptian origin all over the world. Ora Ambash-Hertzog born in Ismailiya was the First Lady of Israel as spouse of Israeli President Haim Hertzog, and her son Itzhak Hertzog is our today President of Israel, etc. etc. etc. It is time to thank you Lyn Julius for your report in Point of no Return. And thank you all, dear friends, for your spontaneous comments, bringing the Historical truth about the very special Community of Egyptian Jews. Love you all and proud to be one of you. Levana Zamir

    • You are a truly amazing lady Levana.

      However, unlike you, I and thousands like me who belong to the last generation of Jews of the Second Exodus, feel nothing but antipathy and suspicion for Egypt and it’s academic anti Semitic propaganda.

      I am unable to forgive or forget what happened and will never agree to stop the huge grudge I will carry to my grave.

  • It is interesting that now they just noticed Egyptian Jewish history embarrassment to the Egyptian non Jews. And need to revised history to make themselves look good and off course like usual blaming Jews like they did for 2000 years of anti-Semitism.
    The racist antisemitic weasels should be condemned in the strongest way . We also were escaping Egypt in 1966 because if we were not out, we would have been in the worst Egyptian prison in 1967 for almost 3 years with daily torture and humiliation.
    The Egyptian professor vacious pedantic hate comments shows sadly that turpitude and depravity are alive in Egyptian suppositely intellectual plebeian society and are still bigoted and obsequious

  • My sister already illustrated above what we had to undergo. The fact is that, when not expelled purely and simply, Jews in Egypt in those days, whether Egyptians or with a foreign passport, were put in a situation where they had no other choice but to depart. Attributing them the responsibility of these departures is just an infamous rewriting of History.

    • What do you expect my dear…. He is covering up his country’s crimes by putting on a cloak of victimhood.

      This is so typical of Anti Semites.

      I am however puzzled as to how he was able to find the time outside his busy obstetrics and gynaecology « profession », considering the Egyptian Arab population explosion, to write a book on us the last members of the Jewish second Exodus when he has never met any of us.

      He has not explained the reason why from a population of 80,000 Jews who lived in Egypt there are now less than half a dozen elderly ones left.

      Why did our families and friends leave? He doesn’t address this at all.

  • My grandfather, Raul Gabriel, who was an Egyptian patriot, tried to obtain Egyptian citizenship for himself and his wife and children. To get it he was required to prove his family had been a resident of Egypt for 100 years. He managed to prove 97 years and was refused citizenship. I have the documents he collected in trying to obtain the citizenship. I also have my grandmother’s travel certificate where it says: “sans retour” – no return, which means that once she left Egypt she was not allowed to go back. My father was one of the 10 most excelling high school graduates in Egypt, but the Egyptians refused to send him his graduation certificate after he left Egypt. Luckily for my family they left early, in 1949, so did not suffer the molestation of the 1950s, but they had to switch from a bourgeois life in Cairo to living in a refugee camp in Israel, and the family broke apart. With hard work, talent and courage they prospered in Israel and managed somehow to hold the family together. It was Egypt’s loss that they had to leave, they contributed all their talents to the building of Israel.

    • Definitely Egypt’s loss.

      Wherever we settled our parents worked 24/7 nonstop and within a year owned their own home.

      Tragedies and hardships never stopped us, because we refused to accept that we were refugees.

  • The history of the jews in Egypt cannot be rewritten by inaccurate published interpretations.

    Very few Jews (rich or poor) left Egypt voluntarily. After World War II a few did so for ideological or financial reasons. Most of the 80,000 who lived there were forced out by various policies of the Egyptian governments from 1947 onwards (expulsion for the British and French nationals in Oct 1956, firing from their jobs in Egyptian- owned banks, insurance companies etc, in 1947, 1956). Internment and imprisonment in 1947, 1956 and 1967. In 1967-68, Spain granted to all the Sephardim in Abu Zaabal a Spanish passport. Egypt collected about LE 5000 for each prisoner. Since Spain did not grant passports to the Karaite jews rounded up in 1967, many stayed in captivity till 1972 because they had refused to emigrate voluntarily.

    Read below how and why my Farhi family had to leave Cairo.

    Many Jews born in Egypt never received Egyptian citizenship, they stayed stateless all their lives. My grandfather (1868-1940) was granted citizenship. He was chief Doctor of the Egyptian Railroads. My father had to give up his when he emigrated in 1967. I still have my expired United Arab Republic passport even though it has since expired. In 1961, I went to Paris to study engineering and kept my Egyptian passport (very unusual for a Jew after 1956), I did return to Cairo for several summer visits before 1966. Read more about our history in Egypt at

    In the 1940s, my father started Peerless, a knitting factory for t-shirts, underwear and socks. In Oct 1957, his factory was put under Military supervision because his brother-in-law and partner had a French passport and was summarily expelled. The military supervision was lifted when he bought out his partner. However, with Nasser’s policy of economic strangulation of the Jewish community, my father’s business was nationalized in 1963. He was “compensated” at a below market value with 10-year government bonds, not cash. Shortly after, he was asked to lead as general manager for the conglomerate of the all the nationalized knitting factories.

    On June 6, 1967, my father, brother and our Farhi relatives were spared the automatic round up of Jews by Nasser (one or two male of each Jewish family still living in Egypt) . My future father-in-law was summarily expelled as he held an Italian passport. During the 6-Day War, my family hunkered down and left in July abandoning all of their assets.

    Another Farhi relative, Ibrahim (Berto) was an advisor and speech writer to General Mohamed Naguib and knew personally Gamal Abdel Nasser. He was not rounded up in June 67 but was sent to Abu Za’abal in July. Thanks to the intervention of his contacts in Paris, he was freed. After his expulsion , he wrote in the French weekly l’Express his ordeal under the title “Les Juifs de Nasser”. Read his stories at these URLs

    Les Juifs de Nasser, par Ibrahim Berto Farhi (en Français). Copie de l’article original publié dans l’Express du 25-31 Decembre 1967.

    Les Juifs de Nasser, by I. Farhi (In English). A reprint of an Express article written by I. Farhi after his arrival in France following his release from Egyptian prisons. In June 1967, following Egypt’s defeat in the Six Day War, Nasser rounded up most of the Jewish males for an extended period of time.'s_Jews.htm

    Pourquoi Nasser ne nous a pas gardés? Interview de Ibrahim Berto Farhi (en Français) par Christophe Ayad dans Liberation du 28 aout 1999.

    • Bravo. This is an outstanding example of how full of lying anti Semitic propaganda this « professor’s » book is filled with.

  • For having left Egypt to study in France by pure coincidence a couple of days before the 1956 war , for printing prayer books and maintaining business with French and English companies my father of secular Egyptian generation was with these facts expelled with my mother and brother with 20 pounds each after selling proforma for peanuts his business and the result confiscated.

  • There is no limit to lies and self serving historiography, not even even a minimum of academic decency in this version of events. This book is obviously a pack of lies. How can one forget officers in military uniform, sitting at your father’s desk in his office, after completely dispossessing the family! There was a word for it “sequestration” which was a convenient way to avoid compensation for stealing your wealth by the state. Very unfortunate book.

  • My mother, Dina Rosenthal, a native of Egypt, was arrested on May 15, 1948, without a trial for 444 days.
    After liberation she was expelled from Egypt.
    Do not rewrite my family history.

    • Was she related to the Rosenthal jewellers on rue Cherif in Alexandria?

      If so we are extended family .

  • my mother family escape from egypt leaving behind all the property they had ,house,mony,sewing workshop they escape by some ways as quick as they can . it was not fpr fun but from fear,and dreads and danger.
    ther is no ather hystory

  • michael urwand 10/10/21
    I was 6 years old,the third generation born in Cairo egypt when we were expelled in 1956.. all properties left behind.. our building in babelhadid was levelled for today’s ramses train station.. but the family prospered in Sydney,Paris, Geneva,new York,London… we made a new life in a new world .. but a close family now separated by oceans.. but we succeeded despite the dispossession.. a Jewish trait of survival

  • My late father, Isaac Cohen, and his brother, Jacques (both born in Egypt – 7 th generation to Fortunee Hanan related to Synagogue Hanan), were arrested in Cairo for three months, and my family (my grandparents Fortunee and Jacques Cohen) was told to leave the beautiful house they owened in Casr El Nil on the day of their release and take nothing with them. I was six, my brother five, and my little brother, 3 months old. That’s what we did. My parents were educated people, and my dad worked in Barclay’s Bank for years. I wrote about it all in my book The Story of my Mom in French, English and Hebrew. (private collection).
    I would expect from a man with a doctor’s degree to have inspected the subject more deeply before coming with unfounded facts.

    • He is a gynaecologist and an obstetrician not a historian.

      He is obviously overwhelmed with work due to the overpopulation explosion in his country.

      Really puzzling that he has the time to write a book on us Jews who were expelled or left “in a hurry “ from Egypt especially as he obviously never met or interviewed any of us .

      He is aldo obviously very jealous of all the outstanding Jewish medical specialists who left Egypt, and hence harbours unmitigated anti Semitic resentment towards us as a whole .

  • i was not expelled from Egypt but when a school friend by the name of Youssef who slept and ate in our house said to me in less than a week after the1956 wars told me i am a dirty Jew and should be behind bars my father arranged hastily for my immediate departure .
    and yes all my fathers’ assets were confiscated and he was forced to sign something in arabic he could not read or even ask for somebody to read it for him
    yet before the rise of Gamal abdel Nasser life was sweet for the Egyptian Jews
    As for Dr Aboulghar i am totally flabbergasted by your ignorance your lack of knowledge and your bias as no people were more loving of Egypt than the expelled Jews
    Jacques Bajayo

  • How could you explain that a happy and wealthy jewish community abandonned suddenly and willingly it s lovely country for ever ???? The truth and testimony of many members of my family directly living this tragedy are revealed in my book NONNO UN JUIF D EGYPTE by Fortunee Dwek in l Harmattan. Sorry, it is written in French, one of the multiple foreign languages spoken by the Jews of Egypt that helped them so much to integrate all over the world.
    The truth, unfortunately, is that they really have no other choice but to leave their beloved country and keep it in their heart until today.

  • my father was born in egypt so was i my sisters and my mother he applied for the egyptian nationality because of his work but was never granted it. we had to leave all our belongings which were given for a couple of pounds. it is blessing that we found the italian passport of my grand mother so we were able to ask for the citizenship

  • My father’s family, parents Yosef and Alegra Cohen and 5 children (my father was the youngest, aged 8) were all deported from Egypt on 56, their big estate in Alexanderia was never sold, it’s still being showed in Egyptian movies.
    They were a family of means, my grandfather owned a textile factory and spoke 5 languages, they were neither poor nor ignorant. They forcefully immigrated and moved to Israel.
    This is their testimony.

  • Our assets were blocked or confiscated under various false pretexts, or we were forced to sell them for ‘peanuts’. Our Egyptian nationality – the only one we had – was taken from us. We faced hostility fomented by the Nasser government…. You may read Samir Raffat’s article (referenced in the article about the Cicurel family in Wikipedia: ” “) which describes some of the contributions of my family to Egypt and the end of our lives in that country, to realize that Dr Aboulghar is being economical with the truth.
    Egypt treated its Jews shabbily and, like so man of the other Middle Eastern countries, ended what was a symbiosis between Jews and those countries, which had been to the benefit of both.

  • My father and mother were expelled from Egypt in 1956
    They hung on for a few months and were finally escorted to the airport and allowed only £50 each.My father’s property which included a building in Abul Feda Street in Zamalek near Om Kalthoum’s house was confiscated
    It was reinstated many years later and sold at a fraction of it’s real value.He sold nothing until many years after his expulsion.My family was only able to live in Paris with support from me as a young doctor.No one in my family was spoken too by the good Professor of Gynecology who seems to have little knowledge of history.

  • The author did not speak with anyone from the large number of Egyptian Jews who lost their jobs in 1947 due to the Companies Act.
    He did not interview those whose family members were killed in two massacres 1948 because they were Jews, more than fourty of them.
    He did not speak with those Egyptian Jews who were paraded as Israeli POWs in Ramses Square on June 1967; these Egyptian Jews were abused by the crowds throwing stones at them shouting Yahood
    Nor did he talk to those who were imprisoned and tortured in the prisons of Abu Za3bal and Tura for up to three years; their only crime was being Jews
    He criticized those who reveal the truth like the Historical Society of Jews from Egypt (
    He gives credence to communists who did not represent Egyptian Jews, Muslims, or Christians, and who tend to minimize the crimes against Jews.
    He whitewashes the crimes of Egypt’s authorities against Egyptian Jews. Then he blames the victims with the words of the novelist Ihsan 3abdel Kodus, well known forthe anti-Semitism of his novels: “The Jews expelled themselves from Egypt.”

  • Although I was not yet 4 years old, I still remember our exodus out of Egypt as refugees fleeing the country of my parents and grandparents birth. I remember the long voyage by ship from Egypt to Marseilles. I remember the convent- like ‘pension’ I was sent to live for the following two and a half years near Paris away from my parents while the HIAS agency secured our passports as refugees to any accepting city of the USA. I remember all this because this was my life as a child refugee, not a bad dream. Until this day, these childhood experiences haunt me in spite of my integration into American society.
    These real life experiences haunt me because my family was essentially expelled from the land where they were born and lived alongside their duplicitous neighbors for multiple generations because of our Jewish heritage.
    In time, I learned how as Jews, during the Sinai Campaign, my father’s family’s wholesale textile business in Cairo, where my father also worked, was confiscated by the authorities and how my father witnessed the arrests of innocent relatives and friends over trumped up charges of spying.
    It’s true, my father chose to leave Egypt behind. My father fled Egypt, together with my pregnant mother and my younger brother and myself because Egyptian law closed his business, closed his accounts and closed his ability to stay in his home. All this because of our Jewish identities.
    This is my story, Dr. Aboulghar. Where were you during this time? I think we may be the same age!

  • I have other tales to tell. If as the professor says, the Jews « sold their properties before they left » it was sold generally for a pittance.
    Baron Félix de Menasce,my husband’s grandfather, left behind a very large property,which is still in his name but there is no way we can get the money.

  • My father-in-law, an eminent lawyer, aged 72, was thrown into Abou Zaabal in 1967, along with about 300 other Jews, and submitted to very unpleasant practices. When released and told Egypt was his country, he was accompanied to the ship, his citizenship removed, although he protested that was against the Constitution. Immediately he left the flat, the contents were sealed, and a high ranking official took possession of it. My father-in-law could plead in Arabic as well as in French.He never wanted to talk about his stay for fear of hurting other prisoners whose stay lasted much longer!

    • My father James Misrahy, British subject, received an official communication that he was to leave Alexandria within the very next week. No time to close his business and sell home furnishings. In order to gain the essential time to settle all the standing situation my mother was hospitalized by Prof Katz. My father quickly closed his business and sold all home furniture, after which, with great sorrow in their hearts for having to leave their beloved hometown, they were embarked on the Esperia cruising to Italy


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