Jewess voted one of top 100 influencers in Iraq

This Rosh Hashana, Niran Bassoon-Timan received an unexpected message. She had been voted one of the 100 top influencers in Iraq.

The message came from Merry G Stevan, an Armenian-Iraqi who publishes the fashion magazine Baghdad Style Street.

“This is impressive, and if it indicates anything” Stevan wrote, ” it is the extent of the impact of this wonderful human being and her great message in the service of her countrymen, which stripped her of official papers, but the homeland remained clinging to her heart and conscience, and re-planted this love in the hearts of many, and love still exists and hope exists. Congratulations, my lady, for this wonderful achievement, from the bottom of my heart.”

Baghdad Style Street, which describes itself as a global fashion photography magazine based in Amman and Baghdad, was launched in 2019 and has over 90,000  readers.

Niran’s accolade is all the more remarkable because she is Jewish. She has not lived in Iraq since the 1970s. What’s more, she has close links with Israel.

Niran has a reputation for building bridges (see her Youtube channel which has over 11,500 subscribers and over 1.25 million viewings). She  runs the Awlad al Taraf group based in London which brings together Iraqi Jews and Muslims.

In 2013, she went back to Iraq for a five-day conference. Although the meeting was held in Kurdistan, in the north of Iraq, Niran reported:’ being with so many interesting people, the way we were treated and how everyone felt so comfortable in our presence, was fantastic.”



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  • ست نيران .. نور المحبة العراقية الأصيلة .. كل التوفيق ..
    Great woman


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