Israeli novel to be marketed in Morocco for first time

It is not the first time that Israeli novels in Arabic translation have been made available in Arab countries: Pictures on the Wall, by Tsionit Fattal Kuperwasser,  was published in Arabic in 2017 and sold in Iraq. But Blue Shirt Girl by Gabriel Ben Simon is the first Israeli novel to be translated into Moroccan-Arabic (under the name El Mughrebi el Akhir – the last Maghrebian)  and marketed in the country. Soly Anidjar reports (with thanks: Michelle):
The jacket of the Moroccan version of the book
A new wind blows over the publishing world with, for the first time, the translation into Moroccan-Arabic of an Israeli novel, which will also be commercialized in Morocco.
Blue Shirt Girl  is a  love story between an immigrant boy from Morocco and a Sabra (an Israeli born in Israel), who  herself is in love with a Holocaust survivor, in the context of the early years of Israel and the great aliyah from Morocco.
Written by Professor Gabriel Ben Simon, and published in 2013 by Yedioth Books, this novel was translated into Arabic and will soon be commercialized in Morocco.  Tel Aviv University, where this academic teaches, announced.
The novel was selected for translation into Arabic by Professor Mohammed Elmedlaoui of Rabat Mohammed V University. Mohammed Elmedlaoui ′′ has been following and studying Ben Simon’s work in literature and theatre for many years “, says Tel Aviv University. Gabriel Ben Simon’s novel was therefore translated by a Moroccan university student, Dr. Ayashi Eladraoui.
′′ This is the first time an Israeli novel has been translated into Arabic in Morocco, ” the university claims. The author was quoted as saying: ′′  I had the feeling of having achieved a dream because, as a  a Moroccan Jew from Sefrou, the fact that  my works are read in my hometown of Sefrou would give me great pride “.
The novelist, who is also a professor at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television at Tel Aviv University, said that during his university career he ‘ had done much studying of  Moroccan culture, which ‘has always had a special place in his heart “, for its characteristic wealth and diversity.
As fortune never comes singly, Gabriel Ben Simon also announced that his play A Moroccan King, produced by Habima National Theatre in Tel Aviv, winner of the Lieber Prize for Classic Jewish Theatre in Tel Aviv, is also scheduled to be staged at the Mohammed V National Theatre in Rabat.
′′ I hope that following the peace agreements, other Israeli writers will soon see their novels translated into Moroccan, ”   Gabriel Ben Simon hoped.

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