How were Jews treated in 19th century Morocco?

 In contrast to the picture of age-old harmony projected by today’s regime in Morocco, western newspapers in the 19th century describe how Jews were persecuted by their Muslim neighbours in Morocco. The inestimable blog Elder of Ziyon has unearthed two newspaper articles:

“Here is an account of Jews in Fez, Morocco, part of a longer article about Morocco that was published in the (Chicago) Inter Ocean, November 4, 1894.

Although the article seems slightly exaggerated (Jews weren’t forced to wear peyos, and I am skeptical that there was a death penalty for a Jew being on a street with a mosque), the article describes how the Jews are persecuted by their Muslim neighbors.

It also has a fair amount of the typical unconscious antisemitism that is often seen in 19th century newspaper articles.”

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  • As Faulkner said 'the past is not dead, it is not even past'. That's why it is important to delve int these old articles. The piece may not show the Muslims in a very good light, but it does not flatter the 'extorting and cheating' Jews either. realise that Morocco world News is trying very hard to put a gloss on Jewish-Muslim relations for its own purposes, but you cannot whitewash the fact that the word Jews was an insult – 'Yehudi hashak' – and that popular antisemitism is still alive and well among Morocco's Islamists.

  • So this old article should be relied on when it is anti-Muslim, but not when accusing "The Jews" of "extorting and cheating"? Thanks for clearing that up! How ridiculous and how revealing of this blog's anti-Moroccan bias. Barely a day goes by without a new attack of recycled fake news or sensationalist headlines without substance. Perhaps you didn't get the memo: Israel and Morocco have normalized relations. No one says the past was perfect; your claim that the past was uniformly terrible is equally false. The Kingdom of Morocco's Jewish community has a fascinating history and the warmth of relations remains unrivaled in the world because things were never as bad as you claim. Instead of attacking friends and allies, how about concerning yourself with real enemies? Every day the Iranian regime and Qatar are spreading anti-Semitism. Iran denies the Holocaust while extolling the necessity of a new Holocaust. While the US, UK and EU conspire to empower the blood-thirsty Iranian Mullahs, Morocco continues to oppose the Iranian agenda around the world, especially in Africa. Instead of worrying yourself about long-dead Jews in Fez, how about Jews in Yemen and Iran who are being persecuted right now by the Iranians and the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists (sorry, Biden's buddies)?


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