Jewish Agency to support Jewish life in Bahrain

Following the historic announcement of a peace deal between Israel and Bahrain, The Jewish Agency (Sochnut) is to work with Bahrain’s 34 Jews to enhance Jewish identity and cultivate community life, Israel National News reports.

Itzhak Herzog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, spoke Saturday night with the head of the Jewish community of Bahrain, Ebrahim Nonoo,with whom he has been in contact for some time.

The two officially agreed that the Jewish Agency will collaborate with the Bahraini Jewish community to develop community life and provide additional services, similar to its activities in Jewish communities around the world.

Two weeks ago, Herzog concluded a similar agreement with the UAE’s Jewish community.

The Bahraini Jewish community is small, totaling 50 Jews. Most of its members arrived in Bahrain from Iraq decades ago, and earn their living working in commerce and services industries.

Huda Nonoo, former Bahraini ambassador to the US

 Nonoo’s cousin  is a well-known diplomat in the Foreign Service of Bahrain, who has served for several years as the Ambassador of Bahrain to the United States.

Nonoo asked the Jewish Agency for tools to support Jewish education, enhance Jewish identity and cultivate community life.

Following this conversation, a Jewish Agency team will be established in the coming days, headed by the organization’s CEO, Amira Ahronoviz, who will be working with the head of the Bahraini Jewish community and members. 

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