Turkish antisemites: ‘Coronavirus manufactured and spread by Jews’

The libel that the Jews manufactured and spread the coronavirus throughout the world is  being disseminated in Turkey. Zionists, antisemties claim,  are using it to kill and cause suffering.  Burak Bekdil explains in BESA magazine:

Turkish social media is of course a rich source of “scientific” interpretations of the coronavirus crisis, many of them larded with predictable self-aggrandizement, paranoia, and antisemitism:

 • “Thanks to the power we inherited from our (Ottoman) ancestors we will kill all viruses and infidels.”

• “We will defeat the virus as we will defeat the entire world.”

• “Jews manufactured and spread the virus to end western civilization.”

 • “We will annihilate the global masters behind the virus.”

• “The virus is only a minor part of a bigger game that targets Turkey.”

• “The virus was created to overthrow Erdoğan, leader of the umma.”

 • “The Islamic army will defeat the infidel virus.”

Viruses change, but Islamist rhetoric does not. Yeniden Refah, a small Islamist party, said: “Though we do not have certain evidence, this virus serves Zionism’s goals of decreasing the number of people and preventing it from increasing, and important research expresses this. Zionism is a five-thousand-year-old bacteria that has caused the suffering of people.”

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‘The Jews are to blame for coronavirus’

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  • The appeal to the power inherited from their Ottoman ancestors is hysterical given that the Ottoman Empire disintegrated 100 years ago after another 100 years of decline.


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