As corona hits Libya, Jews tell ex-countrymen: ‘stay at home’

Avideo message in Arabic produced by Libyan Jews outside Libya urges their ex-countrymen to stay at home, as the country records its first case of the corona virus. The irony is that these Jews were forced out of their homes in Libya. The New Arab reports:

Libyan Jews living abroad recorded themselves expressing support to Libyans in a Facebook video amid the corona virus global pandemic.

“A loving message from Libyan Jews in the diaspora to their Libyan brothers inside beloved Libya,” reads the introductory message to the Arabic-language video.

The men featured in the video, some speaking with Libyan accents and dialects, urged Libyans to stay in their homes, as the North African country records its first case of the coronavirus.

“I have a request for the Libyan people: please, please stay at home,” said Benghazi-born Simon Bedussa, 68, from Italy. “Because we love you. Okay?”

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