‘Darbuka’ remark by politician causes uproar

Critics have been slamming a Blue-and-White politician for remarks he made in an interview with Haaretz, inferring the cultural superiority of Ashkenazim over Mizrahim in their tastes in music. Yoaz Hendel has protested that his remarks were not racist and were taken out of context. In any event, the controversy is not likely to attract more much-needed votes from Mizrahim to the Blue-and-White party in the run-up to the 2 March elections.

MK Yoaz Handel

Israel National News reports:

MK Yoaz Hendel (Blue and White) drew ire when he told Haaretz that “people came here from all sorts of countries, some people came with a concert mentality and some people came with a drum (darbuka)  mentality.”

The party’s MK Ofer Shelah said: “He expressed himself in an unfortunate fashion. It would have been better if they had not been said, and they do not at all reflect the spirit of Blue and White.”

MK Tamar Zandberg (Democratic Union) called Hendel a “Trojan horse,” saying: “While we are working towards a left-wing government led by [Blue and White Chairman MK Benny] Gantz, there are those in Blue and White who are Trojan horses, whose purpose is to prevent such a government. We heard the racist voice of Hendel this week, and these people are trying to prevent a change of government in Israel.”

MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint Arab List) slammed Hendel as a “white racist against Arabs and Middle Easterners alike.”

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  • Blue-White is a hodgepodge of a party. It has people of all sorts of different opinions with no coherent party program. What unites them is that they all want to get rid of Netanyahu. Yes, there are people with NDS, Netanyahu derangement syndrome. Yet BB has probably been the best prime minister that Israel has had since Ben Gurion. With all his faults, as Ben Gurion had his, Netanyahu has stood up to Obama's relentless anti-pressures on him to give up all sorts of Israeli assets.The economy is doing well and we are cooperating with countries that we did not before, from Greece to India to some of the Arab lands. Clearly BB has steered the ship of state with great skill and attainments. That of course is enough for the fools in Blue-White who are not to be trusted. They pretended to be a national or "right-wing" party in order to achieve other goals. Hendel exemplifies their foolishness and their gauche lack of common sense. Some of their public relations experts called Pres. Trump a nazi on social media.

    As for the specific concerns of this blog, it has been under BB as prime minister that North African Jews were recognized as having suffered under the nazis, some even being sent to death camps in Europe.
    Also, under BB, a holiday commemorating the aliyah of Jews from Arab lands has been established [November 30] and information about these Jews is to be included as a compulsory part of the school curriculum. So Blue-White is a sinister deception.

  • He wouldn't be the first Ashkenazi to believe in his own mind that his community had cultural supremacy. But most people try not to express their elitist views publicly.


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