90th anniversary of Hebron massacre

It is 90 years since 67 Jews were massacred in Hebron in a display of exceptional barbarism. The Hebron massacre was notable for being the first in which members of the traditional Yishuv (and not recent Zionist arrivals), which had been established there for five centuries, were brutally murdered. Some Arabs still feel no remorse (see video clip). The Jewish Press reports (with thanks: Frank) : 

On Friday, August 23, 1929, Arab youths threw rocks at Hebron yeshiva students on the street. A student named Shmuel Rosenholtz was trapped by the rioters who killed him.

At 7:00, Shabbat morning, hordes of nearby Arab villagers began to flock to Hebron.

Some of the Jews who were hiding in the home of Eliezer Dan Slonim, head of the Jewish community of Hebron, encountered a shower of stones when they ventured into the street.

 Two brothers, Eliyahu Dov and Israel Aryeh Haykal, begged Hebron police chief Raymond Cafferata to keep the rioters away. The rioters murdered both of them at the foot of the policeman’s horse.

 Thousands of Arabs, armed with knives, axes and pitchforks, started crying victoriously: “The government is with us!”

It was their cue to start attacking the Jews in earnest.

They broke into the home of Eliahu Abushadid and stabbed him and three other men to death, seriously wounding the women and children.

 Next, they broke into the home of the old Chacham Yosef Kastil, murdered him and burned down the house.

Rabbi Chanoch Chasson, the rabbi of the Sephardi community, was murdered along with his wife.

Ben Zion Gershon, the lame pharmacist in the Beit Hadassah clinic, who had served Jews and Arabs alike for decades, was tortured and murdered, but not before his daughter was raped by dozens of rioters and murdered, and his wife’s hands were cut off and she died in agony.

 When rioters stormed Eliezer Dan Slonim’s home, Slonim, who was armed with a pistol, did not shoot them but shouted at them instead to calm down.

A Jewish tourist from Poland named Grodzinski recalled what happened next:

“We all rushed to strengthen the front door and walked around the rooms like crazy people …

“The shriek of women and the howling of babies filled the house …

“We set up boxes and tables … but when we saw that the assailants had broken the door with axes, we left the door and began to flee from room to room, but in each room we were met with a hail of stones …

 “When I entered one of the rooms I saw my mother standing by the window and shouting ‘Help.’

“I looked out the window and saw a mob of wild Arabs laughing and throwing stones.

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