UK minister: MENA Jewish refugees ‘cannot be ignored’

In a  response to a parliamentary written question, itself a follow-up  to thefirst pariamentary debate on Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa held in June,the British government’s minister for the Middle East has admitted that Jews were dsplaced and their plight should not be ignored, reports the CFOI newsletter.  (With thanks: Michael) 

Minister for the Middle East, Dr Andrew Murrison MP, has recognised the plight of the Jewish community in North Africa and the Middle East, in response to a Parliamentary Written Question asked by Zac Goldsmith MP on the subject.

Dr Andrew Murrison, Middle East minister

 The MP for Richmond Park asked what discussions the Foreign Secretary has had with his Israeli counterpart on “recognition of the plight of Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa”.

 Dr Murrison said in his response that while discussions have not taken place, “the history of Jewish migration and displacement in the region is highly complex and cannot be ignored”.

 He underlined: “We acknowledge that the Jewish community has experienced unacceptable suffering”. Dr Murrison added: “We continue to support the aspiration for a Jewish homeland in the modern state of Israel, just as we support the objective of a viable and sovereign Palestinian state”.

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