Exhibition will reveal Mossad’s rescues of oppressed Jews

An exhibition  revealing the truth about Mossad’s secret rescue missions in the Arab world is being planned at the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center. Story in the Jerusalem Post Magazine: (With thanks: Ruth)

It was the only incident of the era in North Africa and the
Middle East where a Jewish community was attacked by an organized armed
group, but the Jews were ready and fought back.

Constantine, Algeria

For 25 minutes on
May 12, 1956, there was an all-out battle in Constantine, Algeria.With
the help of Mossad agent/advisers like Ibrahim Barzilai – a legend who
was at the forefront of bringing around 80,000 Jews to Israel from
foreign lands over a nearly 60-year career in intelligence – the Jews
not only avoided a massacre, but won.

Speaking to the Magazine
recently at the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center
(IICC), Barzilai went into detail regarding that battle and multiple
incidents in which he and the Mossad smuggled to Israel not merely
individual Jews but whole Jewish communities that were in danger.

conversation with Barzilai took place against the backdrop of the IICC
kicking into high gear to build a major 250-square-meter exhibition
dedicated to telling the stories of Israeli intelligence operatives
saving Jews.

The central theme of the exhibition, which is being
shepherded forward by Yochi Erlich – who runs many IICC projects and is a
retired major from IDF Intelligence – will be “See you in Jerusalem.”

will emphasize that the Jewish state is the only place “in the world to
give the intelligence community the job of bringing large groups” of a
specific population sector to another country to save them from

Erlich said the exhibition will describe how the
special mission “to reach Jews as a group and not to help just one
person” dates back to David Ben-Gurion. It will feature ex-Mossad agents
as tour guides, and interactive and updated hi-tech features and work
stations to better tell the stories of the Jews and the various
countries they came from.

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