‘My father-in-law was thrown out from Egypt’… ‘and mine’….

When David Collier, a popular blogger, Tweeter (@mishtal) and pro-Israel activist in the UK, announced that he was visiting his Egyptian-born father-in-law, his Twitter feed received an outpouring from Tweeters describing the plight of relatives similarly thrown out of Arab countries for being Jews. Here is a selection (with thanks: Carol):

Going to see my father-in-law today. He was expelled with all his family from Egypt and rendered stateless. Their business and property taken by the state. One of almost a million Jews ethnically cleansed from Arab lands. The @UN didn’t say a word.

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    1. Fairbrit @wealdengirl Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @markhumphrys @UN

      My father-in-law was also expelled from Egypt, rendered stateless, his family’s business and property taken by the state. He built his life in London UK and now he has to witness the same antisemitism as he did back then. #RelentlessAntiSemitism

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    1. Liberalis @liberalisMG Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      My great grandfather was arrested and tortured in Morrocco after attending a meeting to discuss Jewish interests in the country, a few years later they were rendered stateless and refused service in every business in their town, the forgotten refugees.

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    1. Batbeth @batbethk Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      Same with our family, from Syria.

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    1. Filippo Costi @CostiFil Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      Same happened to my parents and grandparents in 1959. Never received any help from #UNWRA

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    1. Just plain ASTUTE. @MikeXcaberate Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      Because Egyptian Govt was so anti Israel at the time. I knew a old guy who worked as electrical engineer on Aswan Dam , had to get out with nothing .lucky to have lived .

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    1. Stephen King @KingEconomist Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal

      Here’s my mother-in-laws’s story (and mine)…

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    1. Pamela Goldberg @Pamelajgoldberg Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      Similarly my son in laws mother and her family. They started over…..

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    1. (((Danny Boy))) @InTheLionsDen_ Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      I’m amazed at the replies to this & how many Israeli Jews have family with similar experiences.

      My friend Avi has family from both Yemen (rescued in the brilliantly named Operation Magic Carpet) & from Iran who were forced to flee after the Islamic Revolution.

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    1. Reigny Day @FourthOfOctober Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      Of course, those lands following the religion of peace don’t do anything like that so we mollycoddle the poor wee souls when they arrive here to integrate into UK society.

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    1. sassy @Sassybaron Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      Same happened to my husband’s family – they lost everything

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    1. MylesHSG @MylesHSG Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      Have a great day David.


    1. Rosemary @its_rosemary_ Sep 23

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      My relatives were expelled from Libya. I think that they’re currently live in the US, but we lost contact with them a long time ago. I wish I could meet them& get to know them. It’s saddens me that I don’t even know what happened to them.
      You’re lucky to know him. Have fun????


    1. Riitu Chugh @junoesque Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      Not a peep out of the UN for the Kashmiri Pandits who are refugees in their own homeland

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    1. (((David Lisbona))) @CanaDaveLisbona Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN

      Alexandria is my family’s case, zero recognition, they were left with nothing, picked themselves up and started a new life in Montreal.

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    1. (((David))) @5IYYAR Sep 22

      Replying to @mishtal @UN


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