Tunisia to allow Israeli to take part in chess tournament

 Liel Levitan, 7, will be allowed to compete in an international chess tournament in Tunisia after all. Israel National News reports:

Following pressure,the Tunisian Chess Federation has agreed to allow
a 7-year-old Israeli girl to participate in an international tournament
in Tunisia.

Tunisian authorities backtracked on their refusal to grant a visa to
Liel Levitan for the World School Individual Championships next year in
Sousse, France’s National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, or
BNVCA, said Friday in a statement.

The FIDE World Chess Federation pressured its Tunisian affiliate and
the country’s authorities to allow her to compete, according to the

Many Arab countries place limitations on Israelis’ representation in
sports and cultural events, prompting protests by Israel and
professional associations that view it as political interference
contrary to international standards on sportsmanship.

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  • I don't see any mention of a written commitment from the Tunisian govt to let Liel take part in the contest, entering into the country. If there is no written authorization for her to come into Tunisia, then her chances to participate in the chess contest seem slim.


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