Jewish graves are desecrated in Egypt and Tunisia

Egypt Today reports (with thanks: Boruch):

CAIRO – 16 July 2018: Head of the Egyptian Jewish community, Magda
Haroun, said that the tomb of her father, prominent Jewish lawyer
Chehata Haroun, was vandalized.

The tomb is located in the 1200-year-old Jewish cemeteries in
Bassatine, Cairo, which is considered the second oldest Jewish
cemeteries in the world.

Haroun posted on her Facebook page photos of the vandalized tomb,
saying “I spoke. People, help us build a fence. If I were financially
capable, I would actually build it myself, brick by brick, to protect
the memory of the people buried here.”

The desecrated tomb of Shehata Haroun in Cairo’s Bassatine cemetery

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 Europe-Israel reports (with thanks: Michelle): 

Update: Elder of Ziyon quotes Tunisian mediasaying that the police have arrested six men for this offence. Sadly, it is thought these men are different from the culprits.

The Jewish cemetery of Sousse (Tunisia a country
of tolerance) was desecrated this Tuesday, July 17, 2018, by anti-Semitic
Muslims who openly organized a mechoui (barbecue) on Jewish graves.

 Having a barbecue on a Jewish gravestone

Tunisia has become one of the most active centres
in the Muslim world for spreading anti-Semitism. This hatred of the Jews does
not spare the dead and the cemeteries.

These acts of hatred in the third city of Tunisia deepen the
disappointment of the small Tunisian Jewish community, which can not rely on
local authorities to prosecute the culprits.

This kind of behavior is tolerated by the local
authorities who want to reclaim the land using these
same people. The city of Sousse, led by
the new mayor Tawfik Aribi, seeks to take over the property of some Jewish families
who have not yet left.

In 1946, the Jewish community of the city of Sousse had
3,530 people. In 2017 there are only 31 people left.

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