Arab sports world remains bigoted against Israelis

So much for warming relations between Israel and Arab states. The sports and leisure world remains a bastion of bigotry and boycott against Israeli participants. The latest victim is the diminutive chess whizzkid, Liel Levitan, who was banned from a chess tournament in Tunisia because she is Israeli. Report in The Times of Israel:

Schoolgirl Liel Levitan from Haifa is unable to accept an invitation
to play in the World Chess Championship because host nation Tunisia will
not allow Israelis to compete, it was reported Thursday.

Liel Levitan: banned


This is not the first time Israeli chess players have been denied
the opportunity to participate in international tournaments due to
their nationality.

Israeli athletes often face difficulties when competing in the Middle
East or against Middle Eastern countries, due to hostility toward the
Jewish state.

“Just a few months ago, a World Chess Championship was due to take
place in Saudi Arabia,” chess player Lior Aizenberg told Hadashot news.
“It was clear to everyone that outstanding Israeli chess players would not be able to participate.”

Aizenberg has instead founded the World Alternative Championship, which takes place in Israel and extends competition invitations to players from across Europe and the Arab world.

Liel has also been invited to compete at the competition, which
counts outgoing chairman of the Jewish Agency Natan Sharansky and
American pro-Israel group Stand With Us among its supporters.

“The time has come to put an end to discrimination against Israelis in chess, in sports and in every field,” said Aizenberg.

The International Judo Federation on Friday stripped the United Arab Emirates and Tunisia from hosting two international tournaments due to their failure to guarantee equal treatment of Israeli athletes.

The decision to suspend the tournaments came after organizers at last
year’s Abu Dhabi Grand Slam refused to acknowledge the nationality of
the Israeli athletes — a policy directed only at Israeli participants.

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