Top Iraqi newsman issues unprecedented apology

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In what has been hailed as a ‘transformational’ development, a top news anchor in Iraq has issued an unprecedented apology to the Iraqi-Jewish community for their dispossession and expulsion.

Anwar Al-Hamdani is one of the top newsmen
in Iraq. He  produces and presents his daily,
controversial top rated programme Studio 9 or Al Tasi’aa
which is watched daily by millions in

Al-Hamdani himself contacted the journalist Linda Menuhin in Israel asking her to circulate the clip. It has since gone viral and has had more than 80,000 views.

The clip airs a very powerful
testimony by an Iraqi-Jewish woman now living in Israel. In a mixture of Arabic and Hebrew, she tells us
her account of her experience of the 1941 Farhud, and  how they were oppressed and their
monies, assets, bank accounts and properties
were confiscated and their Iraqi citizenship was
revoked. Moreover some were executed and almost
all were deported from Iraq.

Linda Menuhin has hailed Al-Hamdani’s apology as ‘transformational’.


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