Envoy calls for a peace based on truth

The Israel Ambassador Mark Regev (second from left) with members of the Harif team at yesterday’s London event to remember 850,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

Mark Regev, Israel Ambassador to the UK, made a plea for compensation for Jewish refugees from Arab countries to be included in any peace deal between Israel and Arab states. A reconciliation for peace between Jews and Arabs  had to be based on truth, he said. He urged people who had gone through the experience of displacement to document their  history.

Mr Regev was speaking to a packed house at a concert on 2 December featuring the Israeli oudist and percussionist Yinon Muallem and his band. Pointing out a chart in the concert brochure showing the extent of displacement of Jews from Arab countries, Mr Regev referred to his own wife Vered, the daughter of Jewish refugees from Aleppo in Syria.

Shirley Smart, cellist and Vasilis Sarikis, percussionist, accompany Yinon Muallem in the centre.

” As we remember their plight, we acknowledge Israel not just a safe haven…but also as a land abundant in promise,’ the Ambassador wrote in the concert brochure.

Lyn Julius of Harifsaid that the mass departure of the Jews had left a gaping hole in the musical culture of Arab states. “Iraq’s loss is Israel’s gain,”she said. The evening was a celebration of Israel’s thriving Middle Eastern musical scene.

Yinon Muallem, whose Iraq-born father David is an eminent musicologist, typifies this vibrant culture. Although influenced by his father as well as contemporary jazz and rock, he also brought to his music Turkish, Sufi, gypsy, klezmer and Jewish  themes. Muallem flew in to London from Turkey, where he now lives,  for his UK musical debut.

The concert(most of which was livestreamed) was hosted by JW3 and arranged by Harif in collaboration with the Jewish Music Institute and the Israel Embassy.


  • I'M sure you and others like you M.or Mme. Davsil, mean well. Islam and the savage culture and dysfunctional behavioral patterns it perpetuates in its adherents, no matter what they look like, what ethnic group they are, what languages they speak, choice of head-covering, or outward mannerisms, do not necessarily "improve" or "progress" from generation to generation.
    That's just another example of the fallacy that the growth of clock & calendar time automatically corresponds to an equivalent positive growth in human nature. i.e. The tom-toms beating inside Muslim heads in Baghdad, Cairo, Tangier, Lahore and the Atlas mountains are the same that thunder away in Birmingham, Rotherham, Molenbeek, and the "banlieues" of Paris and Marseilles. Those who forget it have turned themselves into self destructive fools and dhimmi victims. That includes the "progressive" servants of Amelek, that have stained the honour of North American Jewry. Their can be only one solution for them.
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  • Dec. 03, 2017

    "…Peace based on truth. .compensation"

    'If wishes were horses then beggars would be cavaliers'

    There is no hope for rational negotiation, let alone compensatory justice in dealing with any governance in the Islamic world, Arab, Berber or points east and South. Indeed most of the non-Arab Muslim Orient may be even more morally dysfunctional than the Mahgreb; In case any body thought that was even possible. As for poor old Misr {Egypt} we can only hold our breaths at the potential for maniacal chaos that is developing there; From the head-waters of the Nile to the dense,steaming human masses of the Delta.Indeed, we in the great urban conglamerates of the Americas & Europe, shudder at the grisly spectacle of what is happening within our own "cites".."banlieues"..Public housing 'communities',health -care facilities, prisons & law enforcement institutions, local boards of education etc. Where a culture of denial,official gag-orders & career preservation through silence is now the norm. The prediction of the great Orde Charles Wingate has come back to haunt us. "Islam is in a state of decadence. Mad societies, they will one day turn the world upside down. If they ever get the upper hand, their only instinct will be to annihilate their adversaries". Circa 1940.We should be grateful that the more than 3000 year Jewish communities of the Muslim orient, from Casablanca to Central Asia, have escaped the fate that Wingate described if the war of extermination launched so enthusiastically by the denizens of the Muslim Orient had succeeded in 1948. The time for constructive retribution has arrived. The strategy for containment & democratically legislated repatriation is no great secret. It must be co-operatively global in scope: And pursued relentlessly and realistically at each & every local level.

    Please GOOGLE: Norman L. Roth

    • 1948 was a previous generation. This is another generation. Type in YouTube "Israel berber friendship" and you'll be very heartened by what you'll find. Also take into account the Muslim countries such as albania, azerbaijan, uzbekistan, etc which are very friendly to israel. Even Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are becoming closer to israel.


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