Jewish family assaulted and robbed near Paris

 The attack last week on a Jewish family just outside Paris is the latest of a series of anti-semitic incidents. (In the case of Sarah Halimi, the Jewess tortured and thrown out of the window to her death,  the psychiatrist’s report downplays the anti-Jewish aspect of the crime, blaming the fact that her killer took a massive dose of cannabis.) The Times of Israel reports:

According to the BNVCA report, the unidentified attackers told their victims, “You are Jewish, you have money.”

The assailants, black men in their 20s or 30s, according to the victims’ description, took jewelry, cash and credit cards.

The Pintos were taken to hospital for treatment. They suffered some minor injuries but were deeply traumatized, the report said.

The BNVCA called the attack “manifestly anti-Semitic” and
“premeditated,” and said the family was “threatened with death” and
“violently beaten.”

In a statement on
Sunday, CRIF, the umbrella body of French Jewish organizations, said it
“powerfully condemns the very violent and anti-Semitic aggression.”

Sarah Halimi (Courtesy of the Confédération des Juifs de France et des amis d’Israël)

“This odious act is proof, if we needed any, that the Jews of France
are especially threatened in the street, and even more disturbingly,
within their very homes,” CRIF President Francis Kalifat said.

“After the atrocious murder of Sarah Halimi in her home, this new
attack must bring the authorities in our country to a heightened
vigilance and deterrence-inducing steps,” he added.

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