Lawyer files complaint against police in Halimi case

 The inexplicable failure of the French police to enter Sarah Halimi’s apartment could have cost the Jewish doctor her life at the hands of an Islamist  neighbour. A lawyer for the family of Sarah Halimi told i24NEWS on
Monday that a complaint will be filed against the police for failing to
enter the building and preventing the Jewish woman’s death in April.

Paris march in protest at the murder of Sarah Halimi

Halimi was beaten and thrown to her death from the window of her Paris
apartment by her 27-year-old neighbor Kobili Traore.

French police
arrived on the scene but reportedly refused to enter the building until
specialist backup had arrived, during which time a neighbor recorded
Halimi’s screams as she was attacked by her neighbor.

testified that Traore shouted “Allahu akbar” (“God is great”) during the
attack, while Halimi’s daughter said that he had two years ago called
her a “dirty Jew.”

“I can confirm that I have filed a complaint
with the Paris public prosecutor against the police,” said lawyer Gilles William Goldnadel, explaining that it is up to the investigation to
determine which branch of the force bears responsibility for the failure
to save Halimi’s life.

“It is totally incomprehensible, in the
literal sense of the word, to explain why the police did not intervene
for an hour when for at least thirty minutes of that a woman was
tortured by her assassin.”

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