Istanbul synagogue closed after violent protest

For the first time in recent history there were no Shabbat services at the Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul, following a violent protest last week by a fascist youth group, The Algemeiner reports.

The Neve Shalom synagogue, Istanbul

Activists from a Turkish fascist youth movement whose leader enjoys close relations with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked the Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul on Thursday, throwing rocks at the building and kicking its doors during a protest against Israel’s decision to install metal detectors at the entrances to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

 The group threatened further protests as it marched away from the synagogue. “We can come here tomorrow just like we are standing here today,” one of its members warned. “You will not be able to get inside.”

 Turkey’s Chief Rabbinate expressed concern that more attacks will be forthcoming and urged the government to act, declaring in a statement: “We condemn the provocative act in front of the Neve Shalom synagogue and expect the authorities to do what is necessary.”

On Friday afternoon, the community announced that it had taken the “unprecedented step” of closing the synagogue for shabbat services on both Friday night and Saturday.

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  • Nonetheless, what happens next with the synagogue should be closely. I read in the New York Times I think that the Turks are building a mosque on top of a Alavi prayer Hall (their regular place of worship). The Alevis are also Muslims and Turks but do not practice the same brand of Islam as Erdogan. And that has no connection whatsoever with international politics.

  • Muslims from around the world keep taking it upon themselves to blindly 'defend' a bunch of people who keep claiming refugee status through the ages by attacking Jews all over. It may seem noble to them to 'defend their brothers and sisters' but actually it is just being a blind thug

  • There's been no mention of the violence or the shutdown in the mainstream national media as far as I know.

    The violence against the synagogue and its congregation is Erdogan's way of expressing support for Muslim demands on the Temple Mount. The Turkish Government has threatened the Jewish community in Turkey in the past because of Israeli actions. For example in the 1980s when Israel planned a public commemoration which included the Armenian victims of genocide, Turkish diplomats stationed in Israel stated that they could not guarantee the safety of Turkey's Jews if Israel went ahead with the ceremony.

    The Neve Shalom synagogue has also been a target of deadly terrorist attacks, first by the Abu Nidal group in 1986 which took 22 lives and more recently by Turkish Islamists in 2003 which took 23 lives.

  • The Turks, not unlike the Arabs, can get very arrogant. And the EU encourages them. The Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus is not called by the O word but rather it is seen as a failure of reunification. No calls to: End the Occupation Now!!! Unlike the case of Israel which does not occupy Judea-Samaria which belong to Israel.

    In 1955, when both Turkey and Greece were NATO members, the Turkish regime drove tens of thousands of ethnic Greeks out of Istanbul. The USA didn't care nor did Europe care.

    In this article at the link, the head of the northern Cyprus Turkish republic demands to share in the income from oil and gas production in the future from sources off the SOUTHERN coast of Cyprus.

  • July 23, 2017

    Is anybody really surprised ?
    And why use the code-word "fascist" to describe what are in fact just plain mainstream Muslims,"doin' a-what comes naturally" for THEM…Typically to people who are unable to defend themselves: Even though Jewish people lived in Anatolia AND Byzantium-Constantinople 1300 years before Islam turned up and about 1,800 years before the Turkic invaders arrived. Only the Armenians are more aboriginal to Asia Minor. They were there approx. 1,700 years before Islam turned up.. And we know what happened to them.

    There is np great "mystery" behind the roots of Muslim Behavioral patterns.

    {1}"What's bred in the bone will not quit the flesh": English proverb

    {2} "Those whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad". Probably the Ancient Greek author Euripides.

    {3}"Those who believe in absurdities will commit atrocities" Voltaire

    For the 99.5 % Muslims of Turkey,there's a certain typically Islamic logic to holding the miniscule Jewish community of Turkey hostage for political advantage.
    Turkey seeks some share of the benefits from the development of the natural gas fields off the Greek part of the coast of Cyprus.. Pioneered by the Israelis:

    {2} Turkey fancies itself as the champion of Islamic interests in both the Temple Mount conflict and the Tomb of the Patriarchs:,And all except one of the Mothers of the Jewish People…In Hebron, Judea/ Samaria. Rachel lies in Bethlehem. The fate of the faded Christian majority in Bethlehem is also well-known.
    Why should the overtly Caliphate-Islamic regime in Ankara {formerly Angora} give a fiddlers' damn about what happens to a few thousand Jews in Anatolia.
    Please GOOGLE: Norman L. Roth


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