Imam: Muslims saved traitorious Jews from Europe

From a mosque in California comes a dangerous falsehood: Between the 20th century World Wars Muslims welcomed into their homes Jews fleeing antisemitism. These would subsequently betray their hosts by seizing Palestine. Syrian-American Sheikh Mahmoud Harmoush only betrays his ignorance: the vast majority of Jews were living in the Middle East and North Africa for close on 3,000 years, well before Islam. And antisemitism was not solely a European problem. See MEMRI clip (with thanks: Lily):

Sheikh Mahmoud Harmoush:
“Between World War I and World War II, so much of the immigration that
came from Europe toward the Islamic world, whether North Africa or the
Mediterranean area – Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and all of this…
Muslims were opening their homes and saying: Those are our brethren,
persecuted by the Christians in Europe. The Jews were coming from
Germany, Poland, Italy, and everywhere else, and [the Muslims] would
give them rooms, shelter them, and help them out, not knowing that there
was a plan. Within the thirty years between the two incidents, until
1948 and the British occupation, everything was plotted to take over
that beautiful land, in the way that we all know – with killing, crime,
and massacres.”

Full transcript here 

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  • Basically sums up the vast majority of the Muslim world's views on the topic. Nothing to see here


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