French Jews enraged that killer might not stand trial

The French Jewish community is enraged at what seems to be a refusal of the court to try the Muslim who murdered Sarah Halimiabout two months ago. Arutz Sheva reports:

Halimi, who was 66 at the time she was murdered, served as a
teacher for many years at a Jewish school in Paris. A Muslim attacker
stabbed her, then threw her from her third story apartment to her death.

The judges on the court asserted this week that the murderer’s
lawyers had brought conclusive proof that he suffers from mental illness
and was not thinking clearly when he committed the cruel murder;
therefore, it is possible that he may even be released without going
through legal proceedings. They said that it is possible that he didn’t
even intend to kill her when he attacked her.

The Jewish community in France intends to appeal the decision
when it is officially announced, and is demanding that the court relate
to the act as murder with nationalistic intent and not as was asserted. A
representative of Halimi’s family said that the act was a terror
attack, and blamed police for trying to cover up the murder.

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The issue of Traore’s motives was front and center during a recent panel discussion on the popular weekend TV talk show “On n’est pas couché” (“We’re not lying (down)”). (With thanks: Janet)

Michel Boujenah: murderer was a crazy antisemite

The main guest was Michel Boujenah, a French Jewish actor and writer,
who engaged in a sometimes emotional examination of Halimi’s
murder with three other panelists and the show’s presenter, Laurent

On the subject of Traore, Halimi’s killer, Boujenah told the
audience: “They said it was a mentally unstable person. But it was a
mentally unstable person who chose his victim, who tortured her,
insulted her with every antisemitic slur, and threw her out of the

Boujenah, who was born in Tunis, continued: “He was crazy. But he was
a crazy antisemite. There is no doubt about this question.”

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Police blocked neighbours in Halimi case

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