Houthis demanding return of Torah hold Jew

 A Yemeni Jew has been in jail and ‘tortured’ for over a year, accused of helping a Jewish family escape the country. He will not be released, say the authorities, until the old Torah scroll the family took with them is returned to Yemen.

The scroll is said to be 700 years old.

The Houthis in Yemen have refused to release the Jew, Levi, until the family, which is now in Israel, agrees to send the Torah scroll back to Yemen.

Manny Dahari’s family was on the last Jewish Agency airlift from Yemen to Israel in March 2016. He says that the Torah scroll has been in his family’s possession for generations.  

 “Unfortunately, my family will not release it to them or anyone else. It will remain with my family in Israel,” he writes in a Facebook post.

On the family’s arrival in Israel, young members were photographed reading from the scroll, watched by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Houthis claim that the Torah scroll
belongs to the Republic of Yemen.

The fifty Jews still in Yemen have proclaimed their desire to stay there, in spite of the war raging in the country. They live in a government compound in the capital Sana’a. Manny Dahari claims that the Houthis, who are in control of the capital, broke into the compound and seized the remaining Torah scrolls, thus ‘preventing the Jews from practising their religion freely.

“This is just a continuation of the oppression against Jews
in the Middle East,” he writes. “Close to one million Jews have been forced out of
their homes throughout the Middle East. Yet, the international
community continues to ignore these atrocities. They have turned a blind
eye to the ethnic cleansing of Middle Eastern Jews.

“Why are we different than any other refugees? Why is there a double standard when it comes to Jews? 

“I know there is not much we can do from here, and this is definitely
not going to free Levi, but at least this will bring some awareness to
the way minorities are treated in Arab countries. It’s about time they
hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity.”

Yemen escape plan failed three times


  • When a Yemenite brother & cousin arrived in America & wanted to get drivers license, each Yemenite was assigned to a different "race." The very brown one was "white!" And that's even though in New York a black woman mistook her for being black. Another brown one was "Hispanic!!!" And that's even though in New York an Indian man mistook her for being Indian. The third one was deemed "O," "Oriental," and I'm not sure what that means in America, if it's Oriental including the Middle East or Far East Asia. We reject all of these artificial identity constructs of America. Our identity is based on community.

  • This is nothing new, Elyahu. I was white when I traveled to the US in the 1980s, I was white when I traveled to South Africa at the height of apartheid just owing to the fact that I am indigenous to the Maghreb. Syrian Jews were in the US since the 16th century and always considered white, why shouldnt Syrian Muslims be considered white?

    I haven't looked at your reference but that usually comes up when the court rejects a charge of racism from someone from NAfrica or the Middle East. I don't think it's a "new" recognition.

    That tells you how ignorant are those Ashkenazi Jews who make a soup out of this color business.

  • off topic//

    as to Syrians being recognized as white in the USA, see the court decisions United States v. Shishim & Dow v. United States.

  • off topic//
    The Syrian Arabs in the United States were recognized as "white" by court decision:
    The Census Bureau of the USA defines White people as follows:
    – – – – – – – – – –
    "White" refers to a person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. It includes people who indicated their race(s) as "White" or reported entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese, Arab, Moroccan or Caucasian.[2]


  • This is the same community who refused offer after offer after offer for rescue. Oh well

  • Don't the Yemenites understand that the civil war there is a punishment from Allah for the way they treated their Jews?!

  • Manny Dahari talks too much.
    There is a civil war in Yemen, atrocities are committed everyday. He gave them enough clues on his facebook page to get to the people who helped them escape.

    He should head the wise words of Amos:
    "המשכיל בעת ההיא דום כי עת רעה היא"
    "the cautious should keep silent in those times because this is an evil time."

    As to the Torah scroll, there are Sephardic communities where indeed the Torah scrolls are private property. This is the case in Moroccan communities even in Israel. It belongs to the country only if the owner chooses to donate it to that country.


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