‘Egypt must close the file on stolen Jewish assets’

An Egyptian internet site, Dot.Msr, has uploaded a video recorded by the Egyptian-Israeli friendship Association*in which Dr Edy Cohen calls for the settling of Jewish property claims in Egypt. 

Bar-Ilan University researcher Edy Cohen said on Sunday that Jewish property in Egypt had been stolen by Egyptian governments.


In a video by the Egyptian-Israeli Association, Cohen said he hoped that peace between Egypt and Israel would
not only be between governments, but also between the two peoples. “But
before that, the Egyptian government should close the file of Jewish
property in Egypt, “he said.


Cohen said Jewish property had been stolen and looted by Egyptian
governments throughout history. “The Egyptian government today must
close this file and pay compensation to Jews whose property has been
proven to have been stolen from Egyptian governments,” Cohen said.

This is not the first time that Dot.Msr has quotedDr Cohen on the issue of restitution of Jewish assets in Egypt. Dr Cohen has also been outspoken on the Al-Jazeera TV channel, calling for the restitution of Jewish property in Syria. An activist on behalf of the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, Dr Cohen has also rubbished the Iraqi claim for compensation of the bombing by Israel of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor, stating that Iraq owed millions to its Jews in terms of stolen assets.

*This is an Association of Egyptians in Israel, not to be confused with the Association  of Egyptian Jewish immigrants to Israel (HITAHDOUT OLEI MISRAYIM BE-ISRAEL).

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  • FROM: Levana Zamir, President of the Israel-Egypt Friendship Association, and the HITAHDOUT OLEI MISRAYIM BE-ISRAEL
    I must note, that this so-called Israel-Egypt Friendship Association – as written in the article – is a false one. After some investigation, I sorted out there is a group of Arab non-Jews Egyptian who for some reason left Egypt and settled in Israel. There are some 3000 of them in Israel, if not more. In their face-book, their friends in Egypt are insulting them in a quite ugly way.
    We will have to find a way, how to differentiate between the insulted Arab-Egyptian living in Israel, and the Jews from Egypt.
    I don't understand either, what those Arab-Egyptians have to do with our usurpated assets in Egypt.


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