Da’esh slams Iran’s tolerance of Jews

A new propaganda video is proof that ISIS (Da’esh) is antisemitic to the core: for them, even the Ayatollahs of Iran are too tolerant towards their Jewish minority.  (ISIS is thoroughly hostile towards Shi’ism, which they consider to be a heresy.) Jason Ditz in Anti-War reports:

ISIS has released a new propaganda video, this one unusually in Farsi
language and directed specifically at Iran, threatening to destroy the
current government of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and declaring Khamenei a
“cursed person.”

The video singles out Iran for criticism because of its tolerance for its Jewish minority,
saying that they are trying to “deceive the Sunnis” by presenting
themselves as against the US and Israel while tolerating Iranian Jews
living safely under government protection and having temples in Iranian

Iran has had a Jewish minority living in  its territory for some
3,000 years, and with estimates of as many as 25,000 Jews living there,
is unique among Middle East nations in having such a community, with
other nations in the region not tolerating their Jewish minorities after
the establishment of Israel.

ISIS has been extremely hostile toward  Iran since their founding, as
a Sunni jihadist group that got its start attacking an Iranian-backed
Shi’ite government in Iraq, and while it’s not surprising to see ISIS
singling out Iran as an enemy, it is surprisingly to see the nature of
their narrative.

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