Bensoussan vindicated in ‘mother’s milk’ remark

On 3 March  2017, Syrian-Jordanian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Sa’id
Hawa delivered a Friday sermon proudly proclaiming that Palestinian
children were nurtured, along with their mother’s breast milk, with the
(antisemitic) notion that Palestine was pure Muslim and Arab land, plundered
by the Jews. The significance of this sermon is that the prominent French historian Georges Bensoussan was prosecuted for saying as much. But the Sheikh finds the Palestinian notion perfectly acceptable, while a westerner quoting such pronouncements is guilty of racism and incitement to hatred.Via MEMRI: (with thanks: Lily)

“What racist hate speech are they talking about?” he (the Sheikh) asked.
The sermon was delivered at ‘Aisha Mosque, Amman, Jordan, and broadcast
by the Jordanian Yarmouk TV channel.

Muhammad Sa’id Hawa: “Who are the ones who use racist hate
speech? The leaders of the Zionists and the West claim that the
Palestinians are nurturing their children, from a very young age, on
racist and hostile hate speech, and that the Palestinians must stop
nurturing their children on this hostile discourse.

“They are lying! Who are the ones who use racist hate speech?

“Indeed, the Palestinians nurture their children from a very young
age, and even feed them – along with their mother’s breast milk – on the
notion that this land [Palestine] is a pure Muslim and Arab land, that
this land was plundered by the Jews, that the only ones with rights to
this land are those who fear Allah and worship Him, that the only ones
with rights to this land are Muslims, or Arabs who are loyal to Muslims
and support them. Yes, this is what we nurture our children on, and we
will continue to do so.

“What racist hate speech are they talking about? The [Jews] are the
ones who came as foreign aggressors from all over the world. They came
as aggressors and plundered this sacred land, violating its sanctities
and driving out its inhabitants.

“So who is using racist hate speech? Thus, we should not talk about employing discourse of tolerance and forgiveness.”

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  • off topic//

    Here is an article based on original research about Isaac Newton's research into the Bible and his theories about the Bible, the End Times and other topics of Jewish interest. He was very respectful towards the Bible in contrast to the German schools of Biblical criticism. Newton's writings in these areas were saved for the scholarly world by Dr A S Yahuda, a native of Jerusalem whose parents came from today's Iraq. See link:

    Yahuda wrote The Accuracy of the Bible based on discoveries in Egypt. This book was one of the inspirations for Immanuel Velikovsky who worked very hard to show, for instance, that ancient Egyptians were aware of the Plagues of Egypt [at least five of them] and that the conventional chronology of Egypt was a mere inaccurate scholarly construct which, among other things, prevented researchers from seeing signs of the Exodus in ancient Egyptian remains.
    Yahuda tried to protect the Jews in Israel during WW One by trying to get prominent American Jews to use their influence on Germany, the ally of the Ottoman Empire. See link:

  • Those who have read the Quran know that it accuses Jews and Christians of purposely distorting their own Scriptures, the Torah and the Injil [Gospel]. However, in case of the Land of Israel, called Holy Land in the Quran, it is the Jordanian sheikh Hawa who distorts his holy book, the Quran. The Quran in fact recognizes that the Holy Land was divinely assigned to the People of Moses, also called the Sons of Israel or Children of Israel in the Qur'an. See at link:


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