Rare Westminster mention of Jews from Arab lands

Bob Blackman: rare mention of Jewish refugees from Arab Countries

With thanks: Nelly and Sussex Friends of Israel

A rare mention of Jewish refugees from Arab countries was made today in the British House of Commons.

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, spoke at a debate about Israeli settlements. Three minutes into this clip, he says:

“Not mentioned this far are the Jewish refugees forced out  from Arab countries. There are 2.3 million of them and theyhad to flee for their lives. Some of them went to Israel, some to the United States and others to parts of Europe. These people are never mentioned…Clearly there should be a home for them. When housing developments are put up for refugees from Arab countries we should not condemn them, we should congratulate them on providing these facilities.”

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  • Ignorance about this is widespread, even among supposedly educated people. So it is good to see someone in Blackman's position bringing up this point. But maybe we Jews and the Israeli govt have not been doing enough to make people aware of the real modern history of Israel and the Jews. People generally should be made aware of:
    1) the age old oppression of Jews in Arab and Muslim countries as dhimmis.

    2) the Arab nationalist collaboration with the Nazis, especially that of the top Palestinian Arab leader, Haj Amin el-Husseini, who actually encouraged the Germans to kill more Jews and actively collaborated in the Shoah.

    3) that the Arab side began the 1947-49 Israel War of Independence with armed assaults on Jewish civilians throughout Israel and the first refugees of that war were Jews.


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