Israel mourns songwriter Meir Banai

Many Israelis are mourning the death from cancer of the celebrated Israeli singer and songwriter Meir Banai, 55. Meir came from a showbiz family of Afghan/Persian extraction. The Times of Israel reports:

Banai’s popular’Lekha Eli’from his album ‘Shema Koli’ reveals religious inspiration behind his music

who was behind some of Israel’s most notable rock and pop hits of
recent decades, passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer,
reports in Hebrew-language media said. 

He was a member of one of the most prominent
show business families in the country that includes several acclaimed
musicians, actors and entertainers.

Banai’s sister Orna is a popular comedian and
actress and his brother Evyatar is also a well-known singer. Cousins
Yuval and Ehud have also made a major mark on the Israeli rock music

His first single, “Evyatar,” released in 1982,
was about his younger brother. Over the course of his career he
released 10 albums.

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  • the Banai family has a problem with inherited susceptibility to disease. Heart disease first of all and also cancer as appears in the case of Meir Banai.
    I know one of the Banais who is a professor of medicine. He said that he went into medicine, particularly cardiology, because so many of his family suffered heart disease. He became one of the young stars of cardiology in the Jerusalem and Israeli medical worlds, and treated me successfully at one time.


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