Arab countries ‘cursed’ for discriminating Jews

WJC video telling the stories of Levana Zamir (Egypt), Gina Waldman (Libya), R. Elie Abadie (Lebanon) and Edwin Shuker (Iraq) (with thanks: Eliyahu)

There are many Arabs and Jews who believe all the calamities and wars that
have beset the Arab world, including the Arab Spring, are part of
Allah’s curse on those states over the discriminatory treatment toward
the Jews. Edy Cohen wrote this article in Israel Hayom to mark the Day to remember Jewish refugees on 30 November.

The leaders of those states didn’t want to or couldn’t defend
the People of the Book, even though the Quran tells Muslims that they
should treat non-Muslims, including Jews, with respect, if they accept
Islamic rule.

Each Arab state had a
different policy toward Jews, but generally speaking, they were treated
as second-class citizens or even worse than that. Even though they were
loyal to their states, they were forced to leave or were expelled, owing
to the rampant anti-Jewish sentiment in those countries after the State
of Israel was established in 1948. Those Jewish communities had been
there for over 14 centuries, well before the Prophet Muhammad and Islam.
They dealt with trade, medicine and law, as well as other fields, and
were of great contribution to the economies and societies of every
state. The Arabs, who had become accustomed to discriminating against
the Jews, couldn’t stand the fact that those inferior people had a

On December 1, 1947,
two days after the U.N. General Assembly approved the Partition Plan,
pogroms erupted in most Arab states. These pogroms were a result of the
incitement in the state-run media in those countries, and was supposed
serve as retribution for U.N. plan. The Arabs considered the partition
to be a betrayal by the international community, and many in Arab world
still hold that view today and refuse to accept the notion that the Jews
should have a state.

The pogroms erupted in
the British-ruled Aden Protectorate (now part of Yemen), in Libya, in
Syria and in other countries. Hundreds of Jews were killed, dozens of
synagogues were torched, and many Jewish homes were looted. In Aleppo
alone some 100 Jews were killed, and thousands more fled to Lebanon or

• • •

The belief that Allah
cursed Arab leaders for their mistreatment of the Jews is very much
alive. Some believe the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s demise was a
result of his decision to execute dozens of innocent Jews in 1969, even
before he was president. Their blood cried out from the grave, and
this, say those who believe in the curse, led to Saddam ultimately being
hanged by his own people. Some say deposed Libyan leader Moammar
Gadhafi was brutally executed by rebels because he targeted Libyan Jews
and had many synagogues sealed.

Many Arabs have been
gloating over the recent wildfires in Israel. This glee shows that some
in the Arab world still believe the Jews are a thorn at their side and
cannot be tolerated. It seems that not much has changed since the Jewish
expulsion from Arab states; the hatred is still very much there.

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