Anti-settlement ruling may force Arab squatters out

If the High Court forces Israelis to evacuate the ‘illegal’ settlement of Amona,  it would have to do the same to Arabs occupying property abandoned by Jews in east Jerusalem. Arutz Sheva reports:

 Mayor Nir Barkat (Flash 90)

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat contacted Attorney General Avichai
Mandelblit to ask him to examine the consequences the High Court
decision to demolish the town of Amona would have on property in

Barkat sent a letter to the Attorney General after spending the past
few weeks working with the city’s legal adviser on the issue of land in
Jerusalem, finding that the city faces a situation similar to that of
Amona but with the roles of Arabs and Jews reversed. This is especially
true in eastern Jerusalem where there are many areas of Jewish owned
land which are currently encroached on by Arab squatters.

Jews lived and owned property in the eastern section of Jerusalem
before Jordan ethnically cleansed the area of Jews during the 1948 War
of Independence.

Many properties that are owned by Jews since before the
State of Israel was established are currently occupied by Arabs who
took up residence in those properties during the period when Jews were
banned from the eastern half of the city.

According to estimates, if Arabs living on Jewish-owned property were
to be treated the same way the residents of Amona are being treated for
living on property allegedly owned by Arabs, the city would be
obligated to evict thousands of Arabs from their homes. East Jerusalem
is not recognized by the world as being under Israeli sovereignty, just
as Amona is not.

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