Moroccan journalists visit Israel

The good news for ‘normalisation’ is that Moroccan journalists have visited Israel. The bad news is that they are too intimidated to admit it. Ynet News reports:

 The Moroccan journalists did not want their identities revealed

A delegation of seven leading Moroccan journalists is currently
being hosted by the Israeli foreign ministry with the aim of enabling
the participants to view first-hand the situation in Israel and to
shatter negative myths associated with the country’s image.

As part of the visit which is taking place despite the absence of any
official relations between the two counties, the journalists,
comprising five women and two men, will receive political and military
briefings, meet with ministers, MKs and senior officials from the
Supreme Court and will also partake in a tour of the Gaza border.

In a conversation with Ynet, one of the delegation members from a
prominent Moroccan newspaper explained the climate of fear and
propaganda which has hitherto precluded the possibility of such a visit
from coming to fruition.

In 2009, she said, she received an invitation to visit Israel as part
of Euro-Mediterranean Youth Forum but felt pressured to decline the

“I was extremely afraid of coming. We are under pressure from the
Arab media, religious people and propaganda about the Palestinian
issue,” the journalist confessed.

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