Unpublicised film of Eli Cohen’s hanging resurfaces

 Previously unpublicised footage of the hanging of Eli Cohen, Israel’s famous spy has resurfaced on a Syrian rebel Facebook age. The spy’s body, already stiffened by rigor mortis, is seen lowered into a coffin. Abraham Cohen, 71, Eli’s brother, says that these images are not new and were filmed by a US press agency. Eli Cohen’s widow Nadia has campaigned all her life to have her husband’s body returned to Eli’s family in Israel. (With thanks: Lily)

According to Israel Hayom, fifty-one years after Israeli Mossad agent Eli Cohen was captured, tortured and executed in Syria, a Facebook page affiliated with the Syrian opposition uploaded a video showing him on the gallows.

The page, “Syrian art treasures” has published video footage that appears to have been taken on May 18, 1965, the day of the execution.

 The video shows Cohen’s lifeless body hanging from the gallows, as the masses gather in a public square to bear witness to the execution. His body is shown wrapped in a cloth displaying Cohen’s crimes in Arabic and brought down from the gallows to be laid in a coffin. The video shows Cohen’s coffin then being lifted onto a military vehicle that later drives off to an unknown location.

 Claims were made that Cohen’s body was buried under the central square in Damascus, now an urban area featuring buildings and roads.

Cohen’s exact place of burial remains unknown to this day.

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