Looking for Pakistani Bene Israel relatives

 Following the emergence of a second self-identifying Jew in Pakistan – Arie Ben SamuelPoint of No Return has received two anonymous messages. We think both are from a Pakistani Jew now living in Cambodia. Like Ben Samuel, his family moved from Hyderabad during the 1947 war following partition. They continued to practise Judaism but disguised their identities as Muslims. Please contact [email protected] to discuss in confidence.

A Bene Israel family


“Shalom, and may I kindly just ask if you know any of old Jews from
Pakistan? I’m son of a Karachi Bene Israel mother and a Muslim father and
my grandfather and his four brothers  moved to Hyderabad from
Karachi after they failed to sell their property in Pakistan.

” I’m looking for
my mother’s relatives and only the older generation know who was left behind
in Pakistan. I  just beg  you please to help me find my relatives as I need my children to grow up as Jewish.  I’m not sending my daughter to
school for fear that she might get corrupt teaching of other faiths.”

 Shalom from Cambodia.

The second message reads as follows:

” Your mother might know my grandfather as well my mother too, they were
well-to-do and had a lot of property that they failed to sell and moved
to inner Sindh with a new identity as Muslin but practised Judaism,

Note my grandfather was one of five brothers. Please help!”


  • Thank you for your advice and Rabbi at Chabad Cambodia have mobilized his time and resources in past three years but there is no success to find a old person those who left Pakistan during mid sixties and seventies as most of Bene Israel live in Ramala an he have no contacts there.

  • There's a Chabad rabbi in Cambodia now. You can find his website here. Maybe he can help?


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