Yemenite families want document declassification

 More than 100 families are ready to sue the Israeli government unless it releases classified documents concerning the (allegedly) kidnapped children of Yemenite refugees who arrived in Israel in the 1950s, Ynet News reports.

The Yemenite Children affair has resurfaced once again in the
public debate following the Achim Vekayamim organization’s stated
intention to renew efforts to discover the truth behind one of the
cases, which has caused a storm in Israel for decades.

Yemenite family

The governmental investigative committee on the mysterious
disappearance of Yemeni children classified documents and materials
about the case that were classified in 2001. Achim Vekayamim, which
comprises dozens of Yemenite family members who were either allegedly
kidnapped (or parents of those allegedly kidnapped), announced its
intention to petition the Supreme Court to provide access to these

The Yemenite Children affair raised much suspicion in Israel
after hundreds of babies and toddlers belonging to Yemenite immigrants
to the newly founded state between 1948 and 1954 were said to be
kidnapped and sold to Ashkenazi families. The parents were reportedly
informed that their children had died in the hospital. However, some of
the children later sought to track their biological families and
discovered DNA matches. Suspicions were further vindicated when parents
received military draft orders when their “deceased” children would have
reached 18 years old—an indication that they were still, in fact,
recorded as alive.

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Netanyahu wants closure on vanished Yemenite  children

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