Egyptian media in a panic over Israel restitution move

Whenever the question of Jewish property seized in Arab countries comes up, it is not unusual for Arab media to become somewhat hysterical. Yesterday’s Knesset session on restitution  of Jewish property in Arab lands, and Israel’s secret efforts to advance this issue,  was enough to send the Egyptian internet site into a panic.

Instead of doing its own research lifted whole chunks from the Facebook page of Dr Edy Cohen, a Lebanese-born academic researcher and activist on behalf  of Jewish refugees from Arab lands, including his photos. Perhaps in anticipation of Arab media interest, Dr Cohen had thoughtfully posted his comments in Arabic.

Zionist Union Isaac Herzog attended the Knesset session on Jewish property in Arab lands, underscoring the cross-party nature of the issue. quoted Dr Cohen’s words: “there will be no solution to the Palestinian refugee problem as long as it does not solve the Jewish refugee issue and the problem of  their looted property, especially in Egypt, Iraq and other Arab states.

He added: “Arabs know that the Israelis would ask Arab states to compensate Jews who left the Arab countries and moved to live in the Jewish state. They will soon themselves demanding of the countries of the world, and in front of international tribunals, and institutions of public law, compensation for their suffering, their property and their rights which they left in their countries of origin. The Arabs carry the moral responsibility for the departure of the Jews. ”

Dr Edy Cohen found it noteworthy that on his Facebook page Dr Cohen had called for the leader of the Zionist Union Party, Isaac Herzog, to raise the issue to the forefront of Israeli public opinion, and  asked him to talk about this issue in the media.

Some of those attending the Knesset session. In the blue blouse, Mrs Levana Zamir, head of the organisations representing Jews from Arab countries in Israel.

The meeting was chaired by MK, Oren Hazan, who heads the lobby for the return of the property of Jews from Arab countries. Hazan belongs to the Likud party.

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