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 With thanks: Eliyahu

Today, 20 June, is the start of Refugee Week in the UK. In honour of Jewish Refugees from Arab lands, I am posting this video clip by Ambassador (ret) Yoram Ettinger, the 820, 000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands. Seemingly taking over where ex-deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon left off, Ettinger is recording a ‘six-minute video seminar’ on various Middle Eastern topics.

Our reader Eliyahu has summarised its main points:

Unlike the 1948 320,000 Arab refugees, the Jewish refugees did not
terrorize their host countries; did not join invading military forces;
and did not collaborate with Nazi Germany.

2. The persecution
and expulsion of 820,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands exceeded the
scope of the Palestinian Arab refugees, and occurred before, during and
following the 1948-49 Arab war on Israel.

3. On November 14,
1947, before the war, Egypt’s UN representative, Heykal Pasha warned:
“The partitioning of Palestine shall endanger a million Jews in Moslem

4. On March 1, 1944, Haj Amin al-Husseini, the top
Palestinian Arab leader, incited in an Arabic broadcast from Nazi
Germany: “Killing the Jews would please God, history and religion.”

The persecution of Jews in Arab lands has persisted since the rise of
Muhammad who, in 626 AD, beheaded, enslaved and expelled the three
leading Jewish tribes of Arabia.

6. The Nazi “Yellow Patch”
originated in Arab lands, where Jews – and other “infidels” – were
forced to wear a “Yellow Badge of Shame.”

The entire video seminar


  • bataween : Haj Amin is not the subject and all what you mentioned are not in Palestine but as you said in Iraq. Let us keep talking about Palestine for which Haj Amin deported on 1937 and since that time he is not relevant to Palestine and nonsense to keep discussing if he or he is not behind hate of Jews while the history is telling that 1944 he was in siege in his villa when a journalist tried to contact him it was only by permit from the German authorities at that time. Secondly Nurnberg did not covict him with any charges. Can you tell me how he lived in Lebanon since 1955 up to 1977 without any follow up if true he was considered related to Nazis activeties ?

  • You need to clarify rather than just to put words in the mouth of others :

    1- Farah will continue their false narrative : Are you joking ? Which part I clarified that you consider to be false ????

    2- Palestinian People you try to limit them to be Arab which I did not express such claim. The fact that Palestinians are Muslims, Jews and Christians. You can go to the Ottoman census rather than to try to prove something not relevant.
    Obviously you comments are distortion in trial to hide the facts as I clarified please read again and get benefit of correct views rather than to continue in your misinformation.

  • Thanks for posting the video and for the information your blog provides. I have learned much about the Jewish refugees from Arab countries. We must continue to publish the truth otherwise nutters like Saad Farah will continue their false narrative. Either he has swallowed all the Kool-aide, or is part of those trying desperately to invent an "Arab Palestinian People". I know many whose birth certificates and passports from before 1948 say Palestine, and they are All Jews. At one time the Arabs would freak if you called them Palestinian! Then that bag of pus Arafat came along and invented the Falestinian people". When Israel was a barren land it was the Jews who battled draught, heat, malaria and Arabs. Now that our country is blooming the Arabs want it all. Oh well, Hashem has other ideas, and as they say, We Know How It Will End…

  • It is extraordinary that you think that Haj Amin al-Husseini's exile from Palestine is 'not relevant'. He was directly responsible together with other Palestinians like Mikdadi (founder of the pro-Nazi youth brigade the Futuwwa) for the anti-Jewish massacre in Iraq – the Farhud of 1941, leading to the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Iraq.

  • Bludan conference as per Wikipedia :"The Bloudan Conference was a pan-Arab summit held in Bloudan, Syria on 8 September 1937. It was called by the Arab Higher Committee in response to the Peel Commission which recommended the partition of Palestine, then under British control, into Arab and Jewish states.[1] The Peel Commission's… " Obviously 1937 conference is not relevant and Haj Amin after he moved from Palestine on 1937 and considered deported in Germany is not relevant.

    Refugee Camps in Gaza and West Bank have been under Israel control since 1967 what Israel has have done to resettle the refugees of these camps forming 50% at least from total refugees? You mentioned PA who hardly are paying the salaries of their employees and in many times failed to pay them on time. Really your comments are not valid and serious comments by someone looking to study how Israel can come out of the fault in order to secure prosperous future for all people now under Israeli control.

    Nevertheless you are shifting the discussion to serve your own evil purpose :

    1- Not to comply with UN resolution 194

    2- Not to recognise UN resolutions 242 which clearly confirmed no land can be acquired by armed forces as a result of 1967 war.

    3- By repeating the word Arab you mean obviously to deny the aborginal people the Palestinians.

    No valid solution for the time being except 2 states solution and agreed solution for refugees as per 194 or otherwise you wait for the long run solution that you like or not will become a fact in the long future if Israel will not grab the current golden apportunity of 2 states solution i.e. one state for two peoples with one vote for one person and one law of return for both peoples.

  • The Palestinian Arabs took part in the Arab League decision to make war against any UN General Assembly recommendation to partition the country into an Arab state and a Jewish state. For instance, consider the meeting at Bludan. The Palestinian Arab delegates to the Arab League, under the direction of Haj Amin el-Husseini, a notorious mass murder conspirator, sat at AL meetings as full members and voted for the war on the future Jewish state.

    The UN GA recommendation was voted in on 29 November 1947, already 30 November in the land of Israel. That early morning, terrorists in behalf of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine started shooting at Jewish civilians in the country, especially Jewish civilian transportation, such as taxis and buses, killing several Jews.

    As far as the Arab refugees are concerned, they were deliberately kept in refugee camps by Arab League policy and by Western funds since Western govts also wanted to maintain the refugees in the camps as a kind of visual demonstration of supposed Israeli cruelty. Even today, in the Palestinian Authority zones in Gaza and Judea-Samaria the old refugee camps are maintained although the PA has the money to resettle the refugees in good quality permanent housing. But they are kept in the camps as a matter of policy.

  • The propaganda you repeated is all nonsense. Even if you consider the Jews immigrated to be refugees with certain rights you may follow up with their country of of origin like Iraq and Egypt and all other countries. Palestinians have nothing to do with claims against other country.
    Regarding if Palestine was the land of Milk and honey or not, please note that it was not desert as you repeat propaganda of lies, rather Palestine was with the best orange and olive internationally known and recognized before even the Zionism was created on 1897. Also, it is fact that it was the most advanced country in the middle east under the ottoman and after Ottoman. Please refer to this link and read the article of Palestine Study and be assured that Palestine had been very advanced all the tim and not as you said: http://blog.palestine-studies.org/2015/05/15/nakba-day-2015/

  • The 'land of milk and honey' was a desert without jobs and resources, with austerity and rationing. These refugees were indeed housed in tent camps, sometimes for as long as 13 years. Look up 'ma'abara', Saad.

  • It is not correct to compare people migrated to the promised land of milk and honey with people dismissed to refugee camps


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